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Doctor terminates Levaquin patient.

It seems that some of us are abandoned by the very institution that put us in this predicament in the first place.  Another sad Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ) story.  It is hard enough dealing with this toxicity but the refusal of acknowledgement of fluoroquinolone poisoning makes it even more difficult.   I developed this illness after a [...]

Chantix, Veterans and Suicide.

Chantix: ‘Disposable Heroes’: Veterans Used To Test Suicide-Linked Drugs An ABC News and Washington Times Investigation Reveals Vets Are Being Recruited for Government Tests on Drugs with Violent Side Effects By BRIAN ROSS and VIC WALTER June 17, 2008 Mentally distressed veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are being recruited for government tests on pharmaceutical [...]

Levaquin 750 Mg poisoning.

Dear Jeff,   I am sitting here in tears after watching the two videos you posted! I am so sorry that you have suffered this agony.   I am desperate to find out what is wrong with me. I took the first dose of 750 mg levaquin on May 21, 2009 as prescribed by a [...]

Good website with valuable information on pharmaceutical practices.

Levaquin sleeplessness and pain. Doctor unaware of potential problems.

Thanks for all of these posts about Levaquin.   For those of you who have experienced the negative effects of this drug, I hope you will be able to recover soon.   In my case, I was prescribed Levaquin by my oncologist in order to help me get over a bronchial infection that has persisted for at [...]

Avelox – severe tendon and joint problems

Here is another tragic story submitted. This lady sums up this situation very well in her two paragraph statement. Three years ago my daughter was given moxifloxacin (Avelox) after some other drugs had been ineffective in clearing up a gum infection.  It cleared the infection within a week but replaced it with instant tendon and joint [...]

ADR Central blog.

Here is an very well  done blog just started by Beebs from the forum. Beebs had a serious long term adverse reaction to multiple drugs including quinolones. She has excellent research skills and is very informative. Thank you Beebs for trying to make a difference in the lives of other people. It is very much appreciated by all of [...]

Drug reps vs. Doctors

90 second video on Drug reps vs. Doctors.

John McCain on the Pharmaceutical industry.

Below is a short video with John McCain and person from the audience in a 2008 Michigan town hall meeting.

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