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Levaquin reaction. Doctor said to continue with Levaquin. Levaquin can’t be the cause of anxiety.

In December of 2007, I became ill with pneumonia. My doctor prescribed z-pack but that didn’t help. So, he prescribed Levaquin 500 mg once a day for ten days. The only reaction he said I might notice is nightmares. Well, that was an understatement! After I took the first pill, I reacted very negatively. I [...]

Poisoned by Levaquin. Unable to work.

Here is an email I received from an electrician in Pennsylvania. Another very sad story. Maybe since he and I are both in Pennsylvania we can join forces for advocacy purposes.   Hi there,    I saw your video on youtube and first of all want to wish you the best for a full recovery from this [...]

Floxed in Thailand.

John , my name is Raymond . I am an American citizen residing in Koh Samui , Thailand . The pharmacies here are not as strict about dispensing drugs without a doctors perscription . On the 26th of March 2009 I took just 1 ( one ) 500mg Ciprofloxicin . I had an allergic reaction [...]

Reader’s Digest. Health and Medicine stories.

I mailed a big quinolone media packet the other day to Reader’s Digest. Reader’s Digest has a good worldwide readership following. The April 2008 edition of Reader’s Digest did a story entitled  Can we trust the FDA ?  In that article there was a story about Ketek, which is an antibiotic. The story described how the FDA knew it [...]

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