Accutane toxicity and suicide.

Here is another terrible injustice- Accutane toxicity.  This is a well written comment from an unfortunate victim of this drug.   

…just wanted to give you my condolences. Though I was not posioned by Levaquin. My Life was damaged by another horrendous Drug.
Called Accutane Aka Isotrenition/Clarvis/ Retinic acid/Toxic doses of Vit A… Drug Agency Roche Pharma …..Given to many young adults and teens for acne, When acutally it is Chemothreapy drug used to treat Brain, Pancreas,Bladder, prostate cancer…
We have been fighting for years to have this taken off the market. We did finally get a black box warining and booklet that goes to patients, but even then doctors downplay the medication and prey on teens insecurity about thier acne,  telling them it is a miracle drug. It will take away your acne for good. Telling them side effects will go away when thier course is over.
They don’t tell you it is a Chemotherapy drug. Then When you are damaged or you loved one commits suicide they tell you it’s all in your head.
Yes, numerous of Teens and young adults have taken thier lives on this drug, it alters the brain. I was badly damaged and Had similar symptoms like Levaquin vicitims.
The diffrence is we don’t get better, we get worse in time, we can’t have any Vit A, we have to stay away from certian supplements or we get worse…..Our bones, joints, skin, brain, eyes, internal organs evenutally get damaged…It also cause IBD/Chron’s and other autoimmune disorders. It alters DNA.
The only way we got sooo far is Because a Michigan Congressman’s son commited Suicide on Accutane, however he even still couldn’t get it off the market. Numerous of lives taken, destroyed….
Not only that, one young adult killed his dermatologist in 2006 b/c the damage the drug did to him. His last words were this “Justice will not be found through the legal system.  Would taking some of their money even be justice?  Their lives would go on, Just with a little less mony.  Our lives will never be the same. ” -Hans Peterson,
I watched a documentry the other day called Corprate…Guess who was the biggest frauds Yep, Pharma companies. Roche had the largest fine ever in one year for fraud. 500 million dollars.
I tell you this John, Because if you get that black box warning, Then you will still need to get the word out, many people believe thier doctors even when the risks are printed.  Millions still take accutane when 300 side effects are listed, dying to get thier pimples off thier face, for years Roche kept theese side effects hidden, till they were forced to bring out the truth, and yet it still didn’t make a diffrence.
When is the FDA gonna take a stand for americans? How can they let drugs be on the market to people when a Pharma company states Mechinisms Unknown, knowing they know how theese nasty drugs work.
I feel for all of you.  Keep up the good work and I wish you the best.
” We simply assume, that the doctors have personal responsibility. They are specialists, who have the information either in thier heard or they know wherre to find it.” -Andres Schneider, Swissmedic.
All victims of drug posioning, pharma fraud are in my prayers.

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7 Responses to “Accutane toxicity and suicide.”

  1. Gary says:

    I don’t blame the guy that killed his Dermatologist after he was injured by the Accutane the Dermatologist gave him for acne.

    I think we all should stand up and show some sort of reprisal to the Dr. that injured us with a FQ.

    I’m not suggesting killing that Dr., but rather make that Dr. never forget the pain and suffering he/she caused you because that Dr. was too lazy to do their research and be more careful with your health and well being. They took an oath “to first do no harm”. They are not upholding that oath, yet keep charging all of us higher fees for their time. I say we demand some form of compensation for what they did to us rather than just let them off the hook so easily.

  2. I took roaccutane some 15 years ago and can say the following:

    1. the side-effects were devastating. My sense of trust in the medical profession has not yet been restored.

    2. Life itself is stronger, and if you hold on long enough, you will get better.

    Good luck to all who suffer.



  3. Embry says:

    Currently, there are so many acne medication in there and most of them are classed as antibiotics and anti-inflamatories. Regular soap is best for cleansing the top of the skin. Topical vitamin B3 is also a great inflammation reducer for acne.

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    Accutane toxicity and suicide. | “Levaquin Hurts” Brain/Body Toxic Drug…

  5. Regina says:

    My dad at age of 81 committed
    Suscide 3 days after taking levaquin, his neck hurt so bad he cried. I had never seen that before. He was a people person and loved life. Levaquin is very dangerous. He was started on iv of Levaquin and with in 2 hours he started crying with neck hurting so bad

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    Accutane toxicity and suicide. | “Levaquin Hurts” Brain/Body Toxic Drug…

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    Accutane toxicity and suicide. | "Levaquin Hurts" Brain/Body Toxic Drug…

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