Mary Sue Coleman President of the University of Michigan.

Open Letter to University of Michigan President and JNJ Board Director Mary Sue Coleman. 

My name is John Fratti. I have been suffering from Levaquin toxicity for over five years. I was healthy and atheltic prior to being prescribed Levaquin. I was a pharmaceutical sales representative and had earned my MBA degree. I was advancing in my company until your drug Levaquin took everything away. Levaquin is a drug that is aggressively marketed by Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ). You are one of the Board Directors at JNJ and the President at the University of Michigan.  

My family sent a package of medical documentation on Levaquin to you asking for medical research to be initiated to help the many people that are now disabled from this drug.  My mother is a registered nurse. Unfortunately, our family did not hear back from you.  The JNJ Credo  is the company’s guiding set of principals. It is your moral compass at JNJ.  The Credo can be found on the JNJ  corporate website at the following link:

The beginning sentence of the JNJ Credo states the following: “We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services.”  “Caring for the World, one Patient at a Time” was said many times by the Board Directors at your annual shareholder meeting.  As you know, I made a difficult trip to your annual shareholder meeting and gave a speech to the CEO, William Weldon, the Board Directors, and JNJ shareholders. I received a loud round of applause from the JNJ shareholders. Many gave me a standing ovation. The JNJ shareholders were very conscientious.  

I feel that you have an ethical and moral responsibility under the JNJ Credo to the people that have been seriously injured from this JNJ drug. Consumers that are suffering severe and chronic disabilities from Levaquin are not nameless and faceless people. It has been over five years of daily suffering for me. Much longer for many other Levaquin victims. Not only does Levaquin toxicity affect the person injured, it also affects the entire family unit that has to help care for their loved one that is suffering. Many Levaquin victims face the fact that their lives have been completely ruined from this drug. They face the loss of job and income and enormous medical bills. Levaquin toxicity touches the lives of so many people. Here is a link to a PBS national news segment on Levaquin toxicity. Ortho-McNeil is the division of JNJ that is responsible for marketing this dangerous drug. The PBS news piece is ten minutes long and is very informative.  

As a Board Director at JNJ, you are in a position to help me and many other people that have suffered devastating long term injuries from Levaquin. The package that my family and I sent to you contained articles by medical doctors on the severe and long term  injuries from Levaquin. At your shareholder meeting, I stated to you the figures that were present in an FDA  Freedom of Information Report for Levaquin. The FDA report states that there have been 14,796 Individual Safety Reports filed for Levaquin and 1,015 Death Outcomes listed. 

You have profited individually from the sale of Levaquin and the expense of people like myself and many others that have suffered devastating long term injuries from this drug.  I ask you again to please initiate medical research at your company on this subject so that Levaquin victims can regain some of their lost health. Please do not continue to turn a blind eye to this terrible tragedy. Thank you for your time and consideration.


The Fratti family

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