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I mailed a big quinolone media packet the other day to Reader’s Digest. Reader’s Digest has a good worldwide readership following. The April 2008 edition of Reader’s Digest did a story entitled  Can we trust the FDA ?  In that article there was a story about Ketek, which is an antibiotic. The story described how the FDA knew it was a very dangerous antibiotic but they approved it anyway.  Some were dying of liver failure. Much of the information for the clinical trials for the antibiotic turned out to be fabricated data. The FDA knew this but they just looked the other way.

If Reader’s Digest can do a story on the FDA and Ketek they can do a story on quinolones. Especially now that there is a “black box” warning for quinolones. I put a lot of information in the quinolone media packet as I do all of the packets that are sent out. I think it would be good for Reader’s Digest to get a couple quinolone information packets. The more they receive from different people the better. Some of the things to possibly include in a quinolone media packet would be the following:

Dr. Todd Plumb’s “Dear Doctor” letter.  Dr. Jay Cohen’s article on quinolones from  is a good reference sheet. Any information about the “black box” warning would be good. The article on my blog that I wrote on quinolones. This is in the upper right hand corner of my blog. Personal stories are also good. The Boise weekly link on this blog roll is a very good article on the damage that quinolones can cause. That would be good to include as well.

The Reader’s Digest mailing address is:

Reader’s Digest   Reader’s Digest Rd.   Pleasantville,  NY 10570   The quinolone media packet can be addressed to the Editorial Department.  

That would be great if Reader’s Digest could do a story on this toxicity.  



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