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Former pharmaceutical sales rep talks about herself and the drug industry.

A very well done video from former pharmaceutical rep Gwen Olsen.

Same drug, different pill video.

Very informative pharmaceutical industry video.

Glutathione: last treatment

I will be having my last glutathione treatment in June. I know it has helped some people and some people it hasn’t  I was hoping that it would really help me a lot but it hasn’t. It hasn’t hurt me though so maybe down the road it will slowly help me. It costs about $45.00 per iv [...]

Safety Gap. Money, Medicine and You. Fluoroquinolone News story

Here is a video that Bob G and I were in about fluoroquinolones. Ivanhoe produced this short news story.  The producer of this story told Bob and I that it will eventually be going out to over two hundred news stations across the country. After speaking to Mr. John Cherry, he has told me it would be fine to put this [...]

Cipro and Levaquin’s devastating effects.

  Drug of Choice has a Downside Treatment: Doctors are concerned that widespread, possibly unnecessary, use of the antibiotic Cipro could mean more incidents of the drug’s potentially devastating side effects. By CAROL KRUCOFF SPECIAL TO THE TIMES   Watching a panicked nation stockpile Cipro makes Linda Baldwin want to cry. “That drug absolutely [...]

Anthrax vaccine Gulf war illness video

Here is an interesting 4 minute video. I thought it was interesting in this video that suicide is listed as one of the possible side effects of the anthrax vaccine.

Accutane toxicity and suicide.

Here is another terrible injustice- Accutane toxicity.  This is a well written comment from an unfortunate victim of this drug.    …just wanted to give you my condolences. Though I was not posioned by Levaquin. My Life was damaged by another horrendous Drug.   Called Accutane Aka Isotrenition/Clarvis/ Retinic acid/Toxic doses of Vit A… Drug Agency Roche [...]

25 Shocking Facts About the Pharmaceutical industry.

25 Shocking Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry Researching and snagging an adequate, wallet-friendly health care plan is tough these days, despite its high-profile presence in political debates. A large part of the controversy over expensive health costs stems from criticism of high-priced medications marketed by powerful pharmaceutical companies. From Medicare fraud to CEOs worth [...]

Levaquin doesn’t do that….

Comment: I am 50 years old and thought it would be a great idea to get a colonoscopy to make sure I’m ok. Two days after the test I had abdominal pain and fever. I called the doctor and he prescribed levaquin 500 mg for 10 days. I am in construction and I use my [...]

Broken Promise of American medicine. Pharmaceutical industry is corrupting science. Higher healthcare costs for all americans footing the bill.

OVERDOSED AMERICA— THE BROKEN PROMISE OF AMERICAN MEDICINE   This is a great book about Americans popping too many pills and paying exorbitant prices for them. Its far more worrisome premise is summed up in the long subtitle: How the Pharmaceutical Companies Distort Medical Knowledge, Mislead Doctors, and Compromise Your Health. Author John Abramson, MD, is [...]

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