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Quinolones and symptoms that cycle.

Here is an email I received a few days ago from a guy named Mike. This sounds like a typical quinolone reaction with the cycling of symptoms. I truely believe that there are many people out there that have been damaged by quinolones that never link their health problems back to the antibiotic. Many people have [...]

Conversation with floxed doctor.

About two weeks ago or so I sent a packet of quinolone information to a doctor that had been floxed that lives about 15 minutes from me. One of the doctors that I use to call on as a pharmaceutical sales rep told me that this doctor had ruptured his achilles tendon from a quinolone. [...]

Last Days of Health Freedom. FDA and pharmaceutical industry protest.

I saw on the news today at my dad’s house pictures of the tea party protests in Texas and California. Here is a video about people protesting the FDA and pharmaceutical industry. Lariam is mentioned briefly. It is an interesting video.

C. Difficile spreading at an alarming rate. Linked to growing use of antibiotics, particularly fluoroquinolones.

Here is a great article that Heidi W. found in the New York Times regarding the alarming rise of C. difficile.   April 14, 2009 Stomach Bug Crystallizes an Antibiotic Threat  By TARA PARKER-POPE  Earlier this year, Harold and Freda Mitchell of Como, Miss., both came down with a serious stomach bug. At first, doctors did not [...]

Media information

I am trying to put togather a quinolone media packet for a person on the quinolone board today. Everything takes so damn long to do now. Hard to type. Hands get painful after a while. Vision is off. I hope the meeting in Michigan that the floxed person has with the investigative journalist goes well. Maybe the quinolone [...]

Sunday mass.

Went to Easter mass on Sunday. The church has a musty old wood type of smell. The church mass was packed and I could smell perfume nearby. My head pressure increased to much higher levels. I had to re-position myself so that I was sitting on the end of the aisle in case my Levaquin poisoning symptoms [...]

Selling against the Quinolones.

Every now and then I try and brainstorm a few ideas about how to limit Levaquin sales and other quinolones so that more lives aren’t ruined. I was thinking back to my days when I was a healthy pharmaceutical sales rep and selling Crestor, which is a drug used for high colesterol. I was part [...]

My QEEG brain test results.

I had a QEEG test on my brain in State College, PA in late 2007. A QEEG test stands for a quantitative EEG of the brain. It is a test that does a mapping of the brain to determine if there is any irregularities. Bob G. told me about this test. He said a guy named Vince had [...]

Need antibiotics for an infection?

Here is one of the best Youtube videos I have ever seen. Definitely better and more impactful than the Levaquin videos I made. This is presented by Bob who has done a great job in helping to spread the message of the dangers of this class of antibiotics. I talked to Bob on the phone a little [...]

Drugs in drinking water including antibiotics.

The sad part of this story is that the pharmaceutical companies, as usual,  remain silent on this issue. The first video is very short. The second video is much longer.  Both are very interesting.

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