Quinolones and their far reaching effects.

I was talking to my friend Bob G. the other day. He lost his marriage and the over 90% of his bank account from Cipro poisoning. He can’t take care of his daughter either since he is disabled. His sister does that now as Bob’s mother has to take care of him. Fluoroquinolones not only damage the individual that consumes this poison but it also destroys the rest of the family unit that has to take care of the disabled person. Family relationships change considerably for those that have been afflicted. I got a call from  Tom in California last week. He actually went to my same small school in Hershey, PA. That shows how common these quinolone reactions are. Tom has been poisoned for almost four years now and he told me his wife is having a hard time believing him since it has been so long. He told me that he is having a lot of relationship problems because of his quinolone reaction. He has a small child to take care of too. So unfortunate. This is what gets me so angry about these defective antibiotics. Not only does it cripple the individual it also cripples the family relationships. It is very difficult for families to weather this never ending quinolone toxicity storm.

I talked a school teacher a few weeks ago. She hasn’t been able to work for about a year now from her quinolone poisoning.  I think she is improving to the point of now going back to work part time which is very good news. I talked to her her husband and he had to take so much time off work to help care for her. They have spent a ton of money trying to get her better not to mention the all of the lost wages. I have gotten so many emails from quinolone victims where they have said that their spouse either doesn’t fully believe or has a very difficult time believing that an antibiotic could do this long term damage. I wonder what ever happened to DB Cipro- Death by Cipro blog. He would often mention his wife didn’t believe this toxicity. I hope he is still alive. I wonder what percentage of families have been ruined because of innocent victims that have suffered moderate to severe poisonings. That is the part of this toxicity that is never really measured. The financial toll from being unable to work, large medical bills ect. can easily ruin a family. It is such a terrible shame. The drug companies sweep everything under the rug because their only resposibility is to maximize shareholder return. And in doing that they need to cover this toxicity up as much as possible. More awareness leads to less prescriptions leads to less profit.

Bob G. once told me that one of his friends told his sister “Is Bob still talking about that Cipro thing.”  That is the way it was put- “That Cipro thing”  Comments like that just illustrate the lack of understanding of this toxicity. All of us that have been moderately or severely poisoned are living in a physical and or neurological inferno. The passage of time seems to be the only way out for most of us. These defective antibiotics have far reaching effects that permeate into the rest of the family unit that causes their lives to be very difficult as well. It is hard to believe that these drug companies that know all this don’t really care at all. No conscious. They look into a mirror and the only thing looking back is an empty soul and a large bank account.

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2 Responses to “Quinolones and their far reaching effects.”

  1. Bob says:

    I get the obsessed sketch all the time. My wife thinks I am nuts. My daughter who took cipro knows when I am in pain and we have become closer. My wife acknowledges the pain I am in ,but doubts that a few tablets could have done this damage. I was destined to have arthritis just not at 44. I could be my 72 year old mothers brother we have so much in common physically.
    Johnson and Johson and Ortho Mcneil are in a win win situation. Make a healthy return on the antibiotic and then reap the rewards of escalating medical bills loaded with more prescriptions for more medications
    manufactured by these companies.

  2. Ann says:

    Any feed back about pig thyroid medication. Like naturethroid or wp thyroid. Pig farmers in Nebraska are used for this manufacturer of pig thyroid. I am trying to find out how much of the quinalones given to pigs. I am having tendon problems since after taking pig thyroid my suspicion is the pigs were given the drug. How much I get from pig thyroid is unknown when ingesting their thyroid. I forgot about the pigs getting the antibiotic. And I don’t know which antibiotics the farmer chooses for their pigs, they use many different ones from penicillins to sulfa to quinalones. I do not think quinalones are drug of choice but I read they are used.

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