FDA and the food industry.

Good video on the FDA and the food industry. Voice quality is a little poor from this doctor. Need for clean unadulterated food. Industry, both food and pharmaceutical, have run the FDA.


Not mentioned in this video is that quinolones are in some food that we eat, especially from the far east. Imported shrimp can be very dangerous for those who have been floxed. I communicated with a quinolone victim that suffered terribly for about two years. She improved and then had a terrible setbackfrom eating shrimp. She thought it was fresh catch shrimp but it must have been farmed.  She had a four month relapse that required narcotics. Fortunately she improved from the relapse. The insidious part about toxic quinolone residue in food is that most people never would think that ordinary food that we consume could cause some health problems. Many people that have had long term mild to mild/moderate quinolone reactions may never know that they were once poisoned by an antibiotic.  

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  1. mike says:

    in sept of ’98 my sister was floxxed subsequent to a hospital admission for asthma. she died on the table, but was ‘brought back’ by medical workers. unfortunately, the effects have been both devastating and permanent. similar to the effects of a severe stroke, my sister still is 100% disabled, cannot drive, write, and falls often. she also has trouble concentrating, or remembering short and long term. i see many notices of legal actions for other symtoms of levaquin poisoning, but apparently her reaction was more rare than the norm. i just last week filed an adverse event report with the fda.

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