Cipro toxic reaction: Story of unreality feeling and insomnia. Tragic case

I am a 55 year old man from England, and until I was poisoned 20mnths ago was very fit running,cycling,swimming etc.

I think I was poisoned by cipro 20 mnths ago since taking 500mgs 2xday for 1 mnth for prostatitis which it turned out I never had an infection.

A few days after I started taking them I became anxious and got insomnia and feelings of unreality, feeling like I was disconnected from the real world by a invisible barrier

It makes me feel as though I am not quite here and everything seems unreal and a bit weird. Have you heard of anyone suffering with this?

 I also got sensitivity to sunlight and loss off appetite and muscle weakness. I went to my dr and he said it was the tabs and if I could persevere it would go after I had stopped the course.I also had some strange yellowish bruising come up. Anyway I finished the course ( I can’t believe I did that now but I trusted the dr ) and the only symptoms that went were the sun sensitivity and the loss of appetite, all the rest I have 24/7 20mnths later.

 I am from the uk and have not worked for a year and are finding it very hard financially. I was a self employed stone mason before this and worked on many historical buildings in England. I have not had any really bad muscle problems, but about the same time I started the cipro I pulled my lower back and this has been weak and painful ever since, I have had a painful back on and off over the years but it has always got better and never stopped me working. This has stopped me being able to lift anything. Then over three mnths ago I started getting muscle pains in my upper arms when I raised them above my shoulders or reached behind my back, this is still with me. Could this still be the cipro causing this?

 The main thing that has wrecked my enjoyment of life is the unreality feeling and insomnia, which has also caused me to not experience any enjoyment from anything, like beautiful buildings, or scenery, or sense of humor, I feel as though I am in a void all the time.

 I would like to put my story on the net but don’t know how to as I have only been using pcs for 12mnths.

I would very much like to hear from you especially if you have heard of anyone with the derealizeation/unreality feelings .

 My life is truly wrecked at the moment.




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6 Responses to “Cipro toxic reaction: Story of unreality feeling and insomnia. Tragic case”

  1. Dejuan Smith says:

    I feel the same way you do. I have basically been poisoned too.

  2. Dale Modglin says:

    Muscle pain can be best remedied through the use of OTC pain killers like ibuprofen and paracetamol.:`’;”

    Warmest wishes

  3. Orville Mohan says:

    As always, OTC pain killers can help with muscle pain but it is usually not necessary. Taking a good rest and light massage would do the trick.:

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  4. Kristina says:

    Are you any better now? How is the insomnia?

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