Doctor that prescribes methadone needed.

If anybody knows a doctor near Philadelphia / Allentown area that prescribes Methadone please let me know. Bob, a severely poisoned Cipro victim, is in very bad shape. Bob’s doctor is now telling him he is a drug addict and that if he stopped smoking he would be better by now. For many years this doctor has been prescribing him 60 mg of Methadone to help his Cipro injuries. Initially his doctor believed him but now that Bob has not been getting any better over the years the doctor now thinks it can’t be from the Cipro. Bob smokes to help control his unrelenting anxiety. This doctor is now saying that if he had stopped smoking he would have been better by now. Bob has Cipro induced brain injuries and curtailing his smoking habit would not heal his damaged brain. Bob goes to another doctor who is a Psychiatrist who prescribes him some other medications like GHB for sleep. Most doctors are unwilling to prescribe methadone. Bob needs to find another doctor in the Allentown, PA area or nearby area to better understand his quinolone injuries so that he can get a prescription for methadone to help stabilize him again. It is terrible what has happened to him with his doctor betraying him. Any help from anyone who lives in the mid to eastern Pennsylvania would be much appreciated.

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  1. Gary says:

    I don’t live in that area, but here is an article about the benefits of methadone you could show your new Dr. to help educate him. I know this article talks about Diabetic nerve pain, but being Diabetic has very little to do with anything. Nerve pain is nerve pain and it matters little where it’s origin comes from. Methadone has a calming effect on the CNS as well as relieving peripheral nerve pain. I honestly don’t see why so many Dr’s are afraid of this safe drug that has been used since the 1940′s. It has been the only drug that has helped me with pain brought on by 20, 500mg. pills of Cipro.

    Good luck Bob, sincerely, Gary

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  3. ryan says:


    my whole life has been totally ruined because i can not find a doctor that will prescribe me methodone. With my job and my life style I simply cant go to a clinic everyday. I have checked out every possible avenue. Money is not an issue if there is anyone out there that could help me find a dr that can help me find a dr to proscribe me methadone i will pay anything! and i do mean anything! for the person who helps me and my dr! ppllllleeeeeaaaassseeee i just want a normal life back, if i didnt i would be going down to the city to get horrible drugs just so im not miserable and sick! please…..please help me!

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