Message I received about reducing quinolone pain.

Here is a recent email I received about how to reduce quinolone induced pain. Obviously this person doesn’t know the full extent of the damage from quinolones. This person probably means well but there is nothing that I have discovered that reduces the quinolone pain except for the passage of time and pain medications. Many supplements can actually make you worse, not better.


Dear All,

This will definatly help you with in 7 days…including reducing pains by over 80%

1. Take  geriforte in the following manner ( which is a micro herbal concoction of almost a hunderd different herbs)

3 geriforte tablets 4 times a day with a full glass of water ( do not eat or drink anything one hour before or after taking this except plain water)

do not take any non vegetarian foods or heavy fat foods in your diet  during the treatment..except small quantities of yogurt

should be 80% cured within a month of this treatment

( geriforte is all natural plant herbs and has no side effects whatsoever)

**Fluoroquinolones damages the micro capallaries in the body. Hence systems/ organs in the body having limited or delicate mechanism of blood supply are most affected**

Pls spread this message around to all sufferers

God Bless

A Well Wisher

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One Response to “Message I received about reducing quinolone pain.”

  1. Jonny says:

    Wondering why you posted this message a second time, 2 years after the original?
    Do you have some new information about this treatment recommendation?

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