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Severely floxed. Devastating reaction.

….When will this insanity end ?  Another severely poisoned quinolone victim.   in sept of ’98 my sister was floxxed subsequent to a hospital admission for asthma.  she died on the table, but was ‘brought back’ by medical workers.  unfortunately, the effects have been both devastating and permanent.  similar to the effects of a severe stroke, my [...]

Quinolones and their far reaching effects.

I was talking to my friend Bob G. the other day. He lost his marriage and the over 90% of his bank account from Cipro poisoning. He can’t take care of his daughter either since he is disabled. His sister does that now as Bob’s mother has to take care of him. Fluoroquinolones not only damage [...]

FDA and the food industry.

Good video on the FDA and the food industry. Voice quality is a little poor from this doctor. Need for clean unadulterated food. Industry, both food and pharmaceutical, have run the FDA. Not mentioned in this video is that quinolones are in some food that we eat, especially from the far east. Imported shrimp can [...]

Toxic Levaquin reaction. Suicide note planned during first year of poisoning.

I can really identify with this person that provided her comment on this Levaquin blog today. For anyone reading this blog that has been poisoned by Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox ect. please try and hang in there. I want to offer some hope because many victims do get to a tolerable level of recovery over time so [...]

Merck’s doctor hit list.

Here is an article from  This was sent to me by Gary, a quinolone victim from Oregon. Gary along with Bob P., a quinolone victim from England, have been the two biggest contributors to this blog.  Many thanks to them for all of their help and contributions. Their contributions have been a tremendous help. I very much [...]

Sick Citizens vs. the FDA. GHB for sleep mentioned.

  Here is an interesting four minute video about a couple of citizens circumventing the FDA to get substances to help their situation. They are simply trying to stay alive. I feel the FDA protects the pharmaceutical industry and that there are many known substances that can give sick people a better quality of life. I don’t promote using GHB, or prescription [...]

Possible Levaquin reaction

I am writing after watching your video made in 2008.  I have an elderly mother that I believe has had reactions to levequin.  In January of 2008 she was hospitalized with CHF and they determeined that she had a UTI infection which they gave her Leviquin for.  In two days she had not slept or [...]

Rep. Waxman speech about the FDA

Here is a good one minute video. Rep. Henry Waxman speaking about the FDA and preemption. This speech was prior to the Supreme court ruling on Preemption.

Probable Levaquin reaction. Favorable outcome.

My daughter (23) was prescribed Levaquin after a colonoscopy.  She took this drug for 3 days when she developed symptoms of “whooshing noise” in her ears, nausea, vomiting, head pressure, headache.  I took her to 3 doctors the week that the symptoms were most severe.  None could find anything wrong with her.  The symptoms improved [...]

FDA scientists complain to Obama

A short Youtube video to watch.

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