Radio interview and other advocacy efforts.

I had the  interview with the People’s Pharmacy today.

It was much shorter than I had expected. I wish I would have had more time to tell the horrendous side effect profile of quinolones. I was still able to get a good bit on information in. Mostly about Levaquin and Cipro. At least it goes out to over 100 radio stations across the country so it will do some damage. I’ll do anything to damage the criminals at Johnson and Johnson and Bayer for all the damage they caused us.

I called the FDA again today and talked to a lady named Sue. She said that the FDA has no regulatory capacity in regards to putting the Black Box warning on the prescribing literature. Her number if anyone wants to call is 301-796-3141 She was empathetic to my situation. She told me to call the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy. Pennsylvania is the state I live in. I called this board and asked them to write a letter mandating that all quinolones carry a Black Box warning on the literature on the pharmacy literature. I told this lady that I would write the letter and your agency could just edit it and sign it. The lady I talked to said that the State Board of Pharmacy has no regulatory power and that it is the FDA that has the regulatory power. It is unbelievable how everyone says that they don’t have any regulatory power and just tries to pass the buck. I am still going to type up a letter when I am well enough and have the PA Board of Pharmacy send it to the FDA. Sue, at the FDA, told me to get involved with my Congressmen and have them issue letters to the FDA. I wish I was healthier or I would be trying to do more.

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