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The War, on Drugs article. Suicide surge.

Military suicides are at highest levels ever.  Lariam is chemically related to quinolones. Here is an interesting article.

Side effects of Levaquin abuse video

Here is a Youtube video on the effects of Levaquin abuse. In this video he said he is hearing voices and can’t sleep.

Hairdresser poisoned by Levaquin.

Hi John, First let me thank you for your work you are doing to get the word out about the dangers of Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ). I wish I had known about them 2 years ago. Things would be different now. I was given Levaquin 6 times in 10 months (1 in the hospital IV). [...]

Comment from a long time Cipro victim

I received a comment from my friend Gary about quinolone poisoning. Gary has been suffering for a few years now. His doctor, like many doctors, refuses to acknowledge that quinolones can cause long term damage. Gary has been in constant pain among other symptoms now for a few years from ten Cipro pills.   “Being unconscious [...]

Story submissions needed for

T. Boomer, who is the owner of would really like to have more stories for his Case Studies section of his report. He said this helps to validate this poisoning. He has a very detailed and comprehensive Fluoroquinolone toxicity website. In order to submit your story please go to his site listed above and on [...]

Levaquin head pressure and a host of other central nervous system damage

Today’s Levaquin horror story I received… I would like to ask a question?  Can you tell me what you know about the relationship between head pressure and Levaquin Toxicity?  I have taken Levaquin for the past 5 years several times.  The doctors started giving it to me because I have cronic sinusitis infections.  Until yesterday [...]

Four year old boy now has hearing damage from Cipro and knee and joint pain.

Another quinolone horror story in the long list of quinolone poisoning stories sent to me on this blog. This is a particularly hard one to read since the boy is so young. I pray for a speedy recovery.   My 4yr old son was given Many antibiotics at about a 1yr. old due to reocurring ear [...]

Thimerisol- Mercury Vaccine connection Robert Kennedy Jr.

Interesting Youtube video on the mercury vaccine connection from Robert Kennedy Jr. Just like the doctors that dismiss or outright deny that quinolone antibiotics cause long term damage. The CDC, FDA and doctors that gave vaccines that harmed young children often times dismiss or outright deny that these vaccines cause autism.

Cipro vision problems and possibly much more.

Here is another Quinolone antibiotic victim’s story I received on my blog. I sent Vicki a long response back offering her hope that she will improve in time.    My name is Vicki and I am dealing with the side effects of 3 rounds of cipro. The doctor was going to give me a 4th but I [...]

Levaquin joint pain. Can hardly walk now.

Here is another Levaquin poisoning story submitted to this quinolone antibiotic blog. Unfortunately, the doctor then gave steroids which is a bad combination. I sent her a long reply back telling her she will improve in time. Hopefully this will be a short term reaction for this lady. I started levaquin 500mg/5 days two weeks [...]

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