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FDA Black Box warning

I called the FDA today: 1-888-463-6332. I asked about the Black Box warning for quinolones. I told the lady at the FDA that the Black Box warning was issued over 6 months ago. I asked when will it be put on the prescribing literature at the pharmacy. I said it was outrageous that it has taken so [...]

Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ) insomnia

My tendons in my back seem to be worse lately. I try to carry a couple gallons of water from the grocery store cart into my car and the lifting of the gallons of water into the car and back to my home stiffen my back. When I eventually go to bed and fall asleep (unconsciousness) I [...]

Constant Gardener movie. Exposes drug company.

New Movie: ‘Constant Gardener’ Exposes Pharma Categories Pharma The Media John Le Carre’s novel “The Constant Gardener” has been a forerunner for a spate of recent books that expose various facets of the pharmaceutical horrors which befall more and more of us – those who get sick and fall for pharmaceutical propaganda on how medicines [...]

Levaquin, Cipro and Floxin quinolone antibiotic videos

For anybody that is new to this blog I am posting Youtube video’s I made concerning my Levaquin poisoning.  Please help us warn and educate the public about the horrendous and crippling effects of quinolone antibiotics. Thousands of people have had their lives destroyed physically and financially. Please forward this blog to your family and friends so [...]

Groundhog Day

It feels like I was filmed in that movie -Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. Every day I wake up and it is the same day of symptoms. Head tremor, pain, vision abnormalities, burning, fatigue and on and on. I watched most of the Super Bowl last night. Normally I would have great joy in a [...]

Antibiotics in chicken

We who have been poisoned by quinolone antibiotics , and there are hundreds of thousands of us, usually have much more sensitivity to chicken that are fed antibiotics. I won’t even take a chance on antibiotic free chicken because manufacturers sometimes cheat to save money. I can’t risk the re-exposure to quinolone antibiotics in chicken. I recently [...]

Germ War

America Is Losing Its Other Germ War America Loses 14,000 Lives A Year In Its Other Germ War; Over-Use Of Antibiotics Like Cipro May Induce Plagues; Natural Antibiotics May Rescue Mankind by Bill Sardi Special addendum: side effects of CIPRO-like drugs may be worse than Anthrax; CIPRO should not be used by rescue, police or [...]

Prescription for Disaster: Vioxx and FDA corruption Part 1

Here is a very informative Youtube video. Dr. David Graham still works at the FDA. He was harrassed, bullied, and pressured by senior level officials at the FDA to not come forth with information on the toxicity of Vioxx. This is a very interesting and informative video.    Please warn others on the severe and [...]

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