Johnson & Johnson Board of Directors follow-up

I wish I had all of the Board of Directors mailing addresses. Here is what I do have. You can type up a standard letter and save it as a word document and then send it to each board member. Let each of them know what has been happening with these antibiotics so that more people don’t have their lives ruined and their families ruined along with them. 

Johnson and Johnson (Ortho McNeil)

Board of Directors 2008 Susan L. Lindquist Ph. D.

Professor of Biology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Room WI-661F

9 Cambridge Center

Cambridge, MA 02142-1479


David Satcher, MD Ph. D.

Director, Excellence on Health Disparity

Satcher Health Leadership

Morehouse School of Medicine

720 Westview Drive SW

Atlanta, GA 30310-1495


Leo F. Mullin

Retired Chairman and CEO

Delta Airlines

720 Doug Davis Drive

Atlanta, GA 30354


Charles Prince

Retired Chairman and CEO


153 East 53rd St.

NY NY 10022


Steven S. Reinemund

Retired Executive Chairman

PepsiCo. Inc.

700 Anderson Hill Road

Purchase, NY 10577


Mary Sue Coleman, Ph. D.


Univ. Of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI 48109


Mr. Michael Johns MD


Emory University

1354 Clifton Rd.

Atlanta GA 30322

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