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When you watch some of the drug commercials they usually depict some lady dancing in a meadow with the sun shinning or something like that. Sometimes they show someone in a lab type setting with the message of making your health better through their prescription drug. They are committed to bring you a better life. Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ) seems to be spending a lot of time trying to cover up the toxicity of Levaquin.

Sam, who is the author of, has been helping me to install IP address tracking software so I can view who is on my Levaquin blog. You would think that Johnson & Johnson would have more important things to do with their time than to be viewing my Levaquin blog. Below is an email from Sam that shows that Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ)  is on my blog. So instead of spending all of their time in researching how to make their medications more safe and effective they are spending time on my simple Levaquin blog. Johnson & Johnson’s ( JNJ ) behaviour is nothing but shameful. Below is the message to me from Sam and in the message is the IP address screenshot stamp of Johnson and Johnson ( JNJ ) on my blog.  

Hi John,

Thanks for the interesting information with stem cells. I’m not sure if it’s correct, but I heard that parasthesia can be a sign of nerves regenerating, hence the increase when given B vitamins or even the stem cells.

I think that interviews with other victims are indeed a great idea. I could probably work with Bob to sort out the interviews. I believe that if you manage to get the opinions of Dr. Plumb, and other medical people, that definitely give it a lot of credibility, especially for other doctors.

I forgot to mention that after lots of effort and work, I managed to install and set up an effective IP tracker on your site. John, you’ll be happy that all that time and effort definitely paid off.

You will NOT believe what I discovered. I managed to find out that Johnson & Johnson ARE DEFINITELY on your website. Just as we predicted! There are also lots of interesting groups visiting your website, even foreign universities are viewing your website.

I have attached a screenshot of one of the IP Tracker’s logs. If you can’t download the attachment, here is part of the data that I managed to log:

magnify this user Johnson & Johnson (

United StatesRaritan, New Jersey, United States, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
11th February 2009 21:52:33 Page View No referring link

With the IP tracker, we can view almost every detail about a user’s visit, including the:

IP Address of Visitor
Company/Organization linked to the IP
Location of the IP
Exact Date and Time of visit
The exact link on the website that they visited
Storage capacity of 500 logs

It seems like this IP tracking project is going to be quite successful. I’m almost finished setting up everything. I’ll send you the access details as soon as it’s all done. Although it was quite challenging getting it to work without access to your webhost and FTP, I managed to finally get it up and running. I just have to make sure there aren’t any serious bugs. Other than that, everything is working.


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