Steve’s Cipro nightmare

Steve’s Story

This had changed my life very much. I am now not able to work and am losing my apartment. I will put on the street from this. I lost the women I love because of this. I basically try and stay alive and drink to calm the pain down. For some reason alcohol seems to be the only think that takes the pain away. I have burning sensations all over my body. Pain in all areas of my body. Leg pain Arm pain chest pain. Heart beats irregularly and flutters constantly where I feel I am dying. Spine feels like it will snap in half. feel like things are crawling under my skin. Leg muscles feel like they are tearing. Heat flashes, cold spells. Lack of sleep, can not sleep at all wake up every hour like clockwork. Constantly tired all the time. I wonder what it will be like to live on the street when I get evicted with this illness. Winter time now and that will be fun in a cardboard box. Hopefully I can manage to find vitamins or have people buy them for me so i can try and treat myself.Fear I will have a stroke or heart attack, because of chest pain.Still have my memory in tack and concentration, but I feel like I am fried or continually frying in the brain due to this drug.I guess if I die at least I will know what it was from now – what a great thought, but I suppose sometimes I just don’t care, no one else does.Guess I will stop typing now since I feel someone is driving a nail into head and am having shocks all over.

I wish no one this pain and suffering.

I wonder if Steve is living on the street now or in a homeless shelter. This is what these quinolone antibiotics can do to people. They can turn a person into someone living on the streets in no time. It is a real shame how this toxicity is overlooked by the FDA and the mass media. Please educate others on the severe and crippling side effects of Levaquin, Cipro and other quinolone antibiotics. Read the links below and pass this site on to your family and friends. 



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2 Responses to “Steve’s Cipro nightmare”

  1. Susan says:

    I know, treating it like a severe candida,fungal case has helped me. but it did cost me thousands in the end and I have been unemployed 8 months now.

  2. Tina Hagen says:

    Hi ,
    I don’t know how is it but did you talk about your simptoms and what you feel with your doctor?Alcohol will not help you at all .This is a slowly ,paintful way to kill yourself.Do you want this? I suppouse the answer is no. Go and get help.

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