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Black box warnings are reserved for drugs in which the side effect is BOTH very harmful and frequent enough to warrant such.  The frequency of harmful side effects witht the quinolones is relatively small compared to many other drugs.  I’ve got a doctorate in pharmacy and at any one time have about 300 patients on quinolones.  Except for allergic reactions which occur with almost any drug, I don’t see more than 1-2 permanent injuries every couple years.  Do you have any documentation from reliable sources that point otherwise?   Again, the frequency is rare.

Why does it always seem to be that doctors and pharmacists always say most drug reactions are rare? The above mentioned pharmacist says quinolone reactions are rare.

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4 Responses to “Comment on my blog from pharmacist.”

  1. Gary says:

    How can this ignorant pharmacist ask if you have any
    documentation that points to the frequency of these ADRS
    when it’s all right there in front of him on your blog.

    The very first link – explains it all about the new Black Box warnings being imposed by the FDA on the FQs. Is he blind, or just plain stubborn?

    It’s like these people just don’t want to see it….even when it’s
    right in front of them!!

  2. Al says:

    These people just have no idea. They never follow up the long term effects of these drugs so how an earth do they know they are safe? Stubborn pharmacists and doctors cause more problems by not having an open mind. They have an ‘i am god’ type attitude that makes them over confident and generally unpleasent characters.

  3. Gary says:

    Al, in the comment above says: “Dr’s have an ‘I am god’ attitude that makes them over confident and generally unpleasant characters.”

    It also makes them very, very dangerous to their patients.

    They have completely forgotten their hippocratic oath of:

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