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Upcoming Radio show on Fluoroquinolones

Here is where the radio show will be broadcasted concerning my interview about the toxicity of quinolone antibiotics. I hope I can give a decent interview about this toxicity. What I am really glad about is that this will be played on many stations across many different states in the USA. The radio interview will be next Wednesday. It [...]

Johnson & Johnson Board of Directors follow-up

I wish I had all of the Board of Directors mailing addresses. Here is what I do have. You can type up a standard letter and save it as a word document and then send it to each board member. Let each of them know what has been happening with these antibiotics so that more people don’t [...]

Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ) Levaquin

When you watch some of the drug commercials they usually depict some lady dancing in a meadow with the sun shinning or something like that. Sometimes they show someone in a lab type setting with the message of making your health better through their prescription drug. They are committed to bring you a better life. Johnson & Johnson [...]

Johnson & Johnson unethical behavior

In addition to the Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ) toxicity that Johnson and Johnson tries to cover up here is some more unethical behaviour from this unethical company. This one involves a birth control patch in which Johnson and Johnson hid data from the FDA.

Proper nutrition: Hippocrates

Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food said Hippocrates. We all know that good health is through eating a good diet filled with proper nutrition. I find it to be a sad state when this is not preached too often when you go to your general practitioner. Western medicine is prescription prescription prescription. That [...]

Pharmaceutical company payments to physicians: Journal of American Medical Association

Pharmaceutical company payments to physicians: early experiences with disclosure laws in Vermont and Minnesota. Ross JS, Lackner JE, Lurie P, Gross CP, Wolfe S, Krumholz HM. Department of Geriatrics and Adult Development, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY 10029, USA. CONTEXT: Recent legislation in 5 states and the District of Columbia mandated [...]

Cipro tendonitis. Can’t walk

Suffering Cipro’s Side Effects August 12, 2008. By Jane Mundy Perryville, MD: Sophia’s urologist first prescribed Cipro last October when she was diagnosed with kidney stones and again after she had surgery. But the pain she experienced back then was minor compared to what she is suffering now–Achilles tendonitis. “I was still bleeding about three [...]

Cipro problems – Forced to sell family business. Doctor denial again

Rochester, WA: Mike was first prescribed Cipro eight years ago to treat a prostate infection but it kept flaring up so he took more Cipro. And more. Meanwhile, Mike developed joint pain in his legs and back and started to limp; he had severe fatigue and back problems. “I kept asking my doctor if the [...]

Cipro: hives and tendonitis. Doctors deny once again.

Dewey, AZ: Cheryl considers herself lucky; she took Cipro for five days only because it made her so sick. “I was prescribed 2 x 800mgs per day of the antibiotic Cipro for diverticulitis but about a week after I stopped, Cipro’s side effects started,” says Cheryl. “It was a hot day and I sweated so [...]

More Cipro disability cases

Three More Cipro Cases September 26, 2008. By Jane Mundy Seattle, WA:Sylvia took Cipro antibiotic five years ago for an infection-which cleared up—but she started having problems with her shoulder joints and now her right hand and toes are numb. Sylvia hadn’t heard of Cipro side effectsuntil her doctor switched the cipro drug to Bactrim. [...]

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