Archive for January, 2009 is a site where people can document the side effects of drugs that they have taken. People can also list the good experience that they had with the medication and how it was effective for whatever ailment that they were dealing with. On, Levaquin has the third highest adverse reaction listing in the entire database of [...] – New fluoroquinolone website.

Here is a new site for quinolone victims. This is from a guy named Sam who is suffering from Levaquin Toxicity. He wants to donate money for research into quinolone toxicity.

Dr. Mercola on Low dose naltrexone

Dr. Mercola on low dose naltrexone: Some leading experts believe that low-dose naltrexone (LDN) holds great promise for the treatment of millions of people suffering with autoimmune diseases, central nervous system disorders, and even cancer and HIV/AIDS. It’s extremely low-cost, and appears to be virtually free of detrimental side effects. So why haven’t you heard [...]

FDA scientists ask Obama to Restructure Drug Agency

FDA Scientists Ask Obama to Restructure Drug AgencyBy ALICIA MUNDY and JARED A. FAVOLEWASHINGTON — A group of scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team pleading with him to restructure the agency, saying managers have ordered, intimidated and coerced scientists to manipulate data [...]

Dr. John Abramson on healthcare

Here is a great Youtube video from Dr. John Abramson, a Harvard educated doctor. He talks about the current state of healthcare in the United States.  Dr. Abramson walks the reader through the condradictions he’s discovered between the exorbitant claims made for products and the actual study data in his book called “Overdosed America.”  The broken [...] Health

I see advertised all the time on TV. The information on is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical companies. That is why it is advertised so much. The people in the commercials look so happy as they are typing in information into Webmd just like the other drug commercials where people are dancing through [...]

Quinolone documentary film update

I heard from the producer/director of the quinolone documentary. She told me that it is going to air at a theater on the east coast in late January. It may get pushed back to early February. She has been victimized by Levaquin as well. I talked to her niece and it looks like she will have to have double knee surgery [...]

Bob Grozier’s Cipro poisoning video

This is a video the Grozier family did of Bob Grozier suffering from Cipro poisoning. This video is not for the faint of heart. Bob has been suffering for over six years now and unable to work. Prior to this he was a software engineer earning over $100,000 a year. He lost his marriage, his house, his [...]

Corrupt pharmaceutical companies- New York Times

As Doctor Writes Prescription, Drug Company Writes a Check    Published: June 27, 2004, New York Times    The check for $10,000 arrived in the mail unsolicited. The doctor who received it from the drug maker Schering-Plough said it was made out to him personally in exchange for an attached “consulting” agreement that required nothing [...]

Antibiotics side effects

Some antibiotics overprescribed, effects not widely known When Dr. J.T. Cooper hobbles around his Marietta medical office, the boot brace on his right foot is a reminder of a danger posed by some of the most popular — and misprescribed — antibiotics on the market. Like thousands of others who have taken Levaquin, Cipro and [...]

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