Dr. Adrian Hohenwarter


I have been to many doctors over the years to help minimize my Levaquin poisoning. I have been going to Dr. Hohenwarter for the last several months for Glutathione IV’s. He is the best doctor I have seen out of all the physicians I have been to. He is genuinely interested in helping patients optimize their health. He is one of the few doctors that I have seen that actually acknowledges the dangers of pharmaceutical medications. The letter he has written below is a testament to what he believes in. For anyone in Pennsylvania or a nearby state he participates with Medicare and does phone consults for those too ill to travel. He is very knowledgeable about different disease states and how to restore patients lost health.  






Family Practice and Alternative Medicine

745 S. Grant Street,

Palmyra, Pa 17078

(717) 832-5993 



Dear Prospective Patient:


Your contacting my office means that you are one of an increasing number of individuals who have taken responsibility for their health by seeking out solutions beyond what the mainstream medical establishment offers.  This search is mandatory if one is to achieve optimum health and avoid the many dangers of conventional healthcare.  Going into a doctor’s office or hospital can be risky business.  The use of medications and procedures is far too liberal and at times, without consideration of the foremost rule of medicine: First, do no harm.  What becomes the ‘standard of care’ is heavily influenced by what makes money for the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals, not what creates health, empowers the patient, lessens the need for more medical care, and saves the patient and country money.  The ‘power to heal’ is promoted to be exclusively available from licensed physicians, prescription medications, and high-tech procedures and tests.  The healthcare empire is an ever expanding, complex institution that has outgrown the ability of society to manage and finance.  The current trend can not be sustained indefinitely.


There is a transition which has begun at the grass roots:  the patients.  Many intuitively know that designer drugs with their vast and impressive side effects are not the answer, and procedures, such as bypass surgery and cardiac catheterization, are executed far too soon or unnecessarily.  Such wary consumers have fostered the growing field of alternative medicine, organic farming, health food stores and nutraceuticals; all of which are typically disparaged by doctors.  People want true healing and vibrant health independent of drugs that create ‘symptom-free facades’ behind which one’s health decays. 


The fields of medicine and even more so, alternative medicine, are vast.  The same human nature that has corrupted mainstream medicine has similarly afflicted alternative medicine.  It is vital that trained physicians join the exploration to find safe and effective solutions.  Indeed, snake oil, smoke and mirrors, and charlatans will always be among us and often mixed in with the ‘diamonds.’  This is where I may be of some value to you.  I have spent decades studying many unconventional treatments and healing philosophies, beginning when I was young.  I have gathered an armamentarium of ‘diamonds’ that has enabled me to provide alternative solutions to patients when the establishment lets them down.  While rewarding, it is also very sad and frustrating to see everyday that I am one of the exceptions.  Fortunately for me, there are the patients that are marching right along side of me, and the future of medicine is assured.  It will return to its natural roots. 


Thomas Edison once said that the physician of tomorrow is the nutritionist of today.  Using ‘food as medicine’ is where healing begins.  This means far more than meets the eye and will become apparent when you see me. 


Being a graduate of the Penn State University College of Medicine at Hershey, PA and a survivor of the arduous Family Medicine Residency Program at Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, NC, I am well trained in allopathic medicine.  This education is the framework on which I have built my broad based diverse practice of medicine.  In addition to prescription medications and diagnostic tests used by all doctors, I utilize herbs, nutrients, nutraceuticals, detoxification protocols including colon hydrotherapy (available in the office), intravenous nutrients and medicines, EDTA chelation therapy, diet modification, exercise prescriptions and progressive laboratory testing.  When safer and more effective alternative therapies are available, more toxic and symptom suppressing drugs are avoided.  When prescription meds, diagnostic tests and procedures including surgery are needed, they are prescribed.  Often choices are presented for the patient.  I am pleased when patients who have seen numerous physicians for their complaint, find a solution and relief in often just one visit. 


A popular reason to see me is ‘Natural Hormone Replacement.’  This is biologically identical hormone replacement for women and men.  This does not have the risks as conventional HRT.  I compound the hormones myself for patients, thereby providing cost savings.  I see many cardiac and vascular patients with great success.  EDTA Chelation therapy is employed here.  This well kept medical secret is frequently sought for many of the ills of aging (see www.drcranton.comfor more info on Chelation.)  Anti-aging therapies including Human Growth Hormone are available.  Food Allergy, nutrient level, salivary hormone, mercury and heavy metal testing are available.  All tests offered by Metametrix, Great Smokies, and other advanced laboratories are available. 


Fees must be reasonable and responsible.  I am a participant with Medicare only.  Patients in regular indemnity insurance programs can submit their receipt on their own to be reimbursed as payment is required at the time of the visit.  Many HMO’s and PPO’s allow partial compensation (please contact your program.)  Initial consultations last up to 1 ½ hours and range $75-200 depending on time and complexity.  Follow-ups are billed by time, typically $50-80.  Chelation Therapy is $110 per session (There are no mandatory appointments or other charges.)  Phone consults are billed similar to in office appointments.


Unlike many physicians, I take the time to educate the patient about their disease and make sure they are not ‘in the dark.’  Clear, detailed handwritten instructions and handouts are provided at each appointment.  I hear frequently, that I am “the first doctor that really listened!” 


High quality supplements and nutraceuticals are available.  Professional brands including Thorne Research, Douglas Labs, Designs for Health are in stock and are sought after by the informed patient.  Appointments are not necessary to obtain refills.  Referrals to other physicians are recommended when necessary.  I look forward to working with you on your quest for optimum health. 


Adrian J. Hohenwarter, M.D.


Please educate others on the severe and often permanent side effects of quinolone antibiotics.

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  8. Aleisha says:

    Read and toss… think and decide… I haven’t done ctihaleon, nor will I. My kids have all the shots, except chicken pox (which they now have had) and littlest needs the Meningitus one.Eldest is off of dairy but he had diahhrea, nightmares/terrors which it helped instantly. We tried gluten for a year and no difference. We tossed that one.Youngest is mostly off of dairy b/c now that he’s had minimal since 6mths old (grilled chse sandwiches/mac and chse) and it makes no difference, but too much dairy gives him diahhrea but he’s missing the enzymes in his stomach to digest it.Did IBI/ABA b/c there was no other therapy available here that’s funded. Honestly, they did nothing to improve my views (I’m not impressed with it) while they were in my home.I have read Floortime and incorporate it into my daily routine.School uses TEACCH and more pec’s than I do.We live with it not for it.As for the parental guilt… 5 yrs later… I’ll tell you when it stops… In the meantime.. you do what you and your family can live with and only what you can live with. It’s your house, your life, your routine, your choices… and that should always come first and always be respected by others.Go hop through the ASD links on my blog… I have tried to add some articles as well. The Time magazine page is a good one “the tale of 2 schools”.S.

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