Quinolone documentary film update

I heard from the producer/director of the quinolone documentary. She told me that it is going to air at a theater on the east coast in late January. It may get pushed back to early February. She has been victimized by Levaquin as well. I talked to her niece and it looks like she will have to have double knee surgery from the Levaquin poisoning. She and the rest of her production crew were wonderful. She even had a lawyer on the set to verify what she could and couldn’t put in the film. The size of the filming camera was gigantic. She said the film is going to be really good. I have no idea how she is able to get it into some independent theaters. Maybe this movie has a broader audience appeal than I realize. Maybe more and more people are starting to become more aware of the toxicities of many drugs. Hopefully this film will help promote some much needed awareness to this horrendous poisoning. The public needs to become better educated on the crippling effect that quinolone antibiotics can have on the human body.

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2 Responses to “Quinolone documentary film update”

  1. Bob says:

    This film is going to open the eyes of a huge number of misdiagnosed people.
    How many people suffering from depression, anxiety, early onset arthritis, tendonitis, fybromyalgia and the other hundreds of ADRS will make the connection of their symptoms to a Quinolone is hard to say. But this film surely will put doubt enough in people’s minds to research their medical history and find out the devastating truth. Hopefully enough people will file a medwatch report..

  2. Al says:

    When will us floxies get the chance to see a copy of this?
    I’m sure many victims will be interested to view it. I hope it covers the whole spectrum of adr’s and not just the muscle joint problems.

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