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Doctors poisoned by quinolones

Fo anyone reading this blog that has not been damaged by a quinolone I thought I would post some stories of doctors that have been poisoned. I know it must be hard to conceptualize that  people have been crippled for decades from just a handful of antibiotics. It’s all true though. Please don’t take a chance on [...]

Other Floxed victims

I often think about other floxed victims. I know what my personal hell is like. I often wonder what everyone else’s hell is like. Many of us have uniquely different poisonings. Some floxed people I used to talk to years ago are no longer around. I used to talk to a guy named Abe from Texas. He took [...]

A well written floxin horror story.

Phil’s horror story from just a few pills of Floxin. I fell asleep that night, just like any other. Little did I know that it would not turn out like any other. I was about to embark upon the most frightening, life-altering nightmare I’d ever experienced. And it did not end when I awakened. After one [...]

Future bio terror attack and Cipro.

Unfortunately the odds are that at some point in the future there will be some sort of bio terror attack involving anthrax on a larger scale. Future vice president Biden even warned that this country will be tested in the near future. The previous post I put up talked about hundreds of US media and postal workers claiming to [...]

Trip to Dentist

Because of my floxing I haven’t been to the dentist in a few years. I went to a “mercury free dentist” about 45 minutes away. It was a tough trip. It started to hail as I was going up the mountain in central Pennsylvania. The hail sounded like bullets from a machine gun hitting my window due [...]

Peace Corps Volunteers and suicide from Lariam. Lariam is chemically related to Quinolones.

Lariam and SuicideBy MARK BENJAMIN and DAN OLMSTED WASHINGTON, May 21 (UPI) — Mounting evidence suggests the anti-malaria drug Lariam — prescribed to Peace Corps volunteers, travelers and U.S. soldiers — has triggered mental problems so severe that in a small percentage of users it has led to the ultimate side effect: suicide. For the [...]

The Dark Side of Lariam

The Dark Side of Lariam. 60 Minutes news show

Newspaper article on Levaquin toxicity

I had a phone interview with Nancy Edward’s neice who is a journalist here on the east coast. Nancy Edwards is the movie director in Hollywood that took Levaquin and couldn’t walk. She is finishing up the Quinolone documentary called Floxed. Should be released in late December. Her neice was really nice to talk to on the phone. [...]

Cipro’s crippling effects

Exposed Workers Blame Cipro for Crippling Effects Westchester County Weekly, NY Exposed Workers Blame Cipro for Crippling Effects by Patrick Rucker – September 25, 2003 When an anthrax-laced letter was opened in the Washington office of South Dakota Sen. Tom Daschle on Oct. 15, 2001, Capitol Hill staff had good reason to panic. Ten days [...]

Harry’s horror story from

   Seven years ago On Dec 13, 1997, when I was 35 years old and in excellent health, I went to the doctor for minor urinary tract discomfort that started to occur after making love with my wife, so I made an appointment with a doctor. I went to the doctor expecting him to perform [...]

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