Kristine’s Levaquin and Cipro poisoning.

Kristine’s Story

There is no way to describe how this has changed my life.  What these drugs did to my body is just horrific.I went from a being a woman with a  urinary tract infection to a woman with upwards of 65 different symtomologies, unable to take care of my family, myself.   I truly feel that I am here because I somehow in the middle of complete horror found the courage to totally take my health into my own hands.  What this has cost my family.. I could even begin to place a dollar amount on that…this shook us to the core…my children watching me cry uncontrollably, watching me crawl up our front walkway determined to get one bag of groceries into the house when the pain was too much to bare, not being able to carry around my youngest child who was just a nine month old baby when I was given the 1st Quinolone, watching the tears stream down my husbands face as we drove around Boston trying to find a doctor to help us…him begging me to hold on and me begging him to never let our children forget me……….the tens of thousands of dollars that this cost us are nothing compared to what we have been through because of these drugs and the cover up of their toxicity.
I have had to work 24/7 for every bit of health that I have gotten back.  My recovery has been a long hard journey but I am eternally grateful for every bit of it.  Every day is about health in my family now and every moment is fully lived.  I have spoken at alternative health conferences about the my story…my journey to wellness and my husband and I continue to speak to any group or individual that expresses interest.  Every day we will work to help as many people as possible so that no one else will suffer that great horror of the quinolones.The horror of quinolone antibiotics
*severe gastrointestinal symptoms
  extreme diarrhea
  sudden weight loss  121 lbs to 103 lbs in 4 weeks
  leaky gut
  loss of most of good flora in gut
  inability to break down food
  abdominal pain
*all over joint pain
*severe burning sensation in arms
*chills (in middle of summer)
*drenching night sweats
*extreme anxiety attacks
*night terrors
* skin burned instantly in the sun for 4 days after Cipro
*extreme pain and tendon damage over my entire body
*extreme fatigue
*muscle twitches( worst between my ribs, calves and face
*tingling in hand and forehead
*tremors in hands and toes
*intracranial pressure
*loss of menstrual period for 5 months
Systemic candida
   yeast infection
* burning pain in lungs
*eye pain, floaters ,blurry vision, light sensitivity
* swollen lymph nodes
*hair loss
*swollen liver
*Brain fog
*ear pain, occasional ringing
*jaw pain
*circulation problems
very weird things like
  huge yawns that would come on uncontrollably
  severe burning around outline of my mouth
  feeling like little flickers of water were being thrown on legsPlease educate others on the severe and often permanent damage caused by Quinolone antibiotics.
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85 Responses to “Kristine’s Levaquin and Cipro poisoning.”

  1. Bob says:

    A 44 year male crying like a baby children in front of his is not a site to behold.
    These drugs take away every bit of self respect you had for yourself. The inept Doctors who fail to find an answer with diagnostics medicine, finally label you a nut and use the emotional turmoil generated by this poison as the real reason for the symptoms.

  2. Allyson says:

    I would love to hear more about your struggle and where/how you found a way to wellness. I too am fighting each day, determined to find a way to healing and recovery. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

  3. Sang says:

    I am glad that you recovered completely, which gives me hope. You said you continue to speak to groups and individuals. If you can let us know your journey of recovery in details of how you were able to do this to rest of the quinolone victims, it would be a great help to us.

  4. micah cooper says:

    i have been suffering greatly from cipro side effects for three months. please e-mail me with suggestions of what i can do to help myself recover. i was given 10 days of cipro for what they thought was epididemitis. we have later found out thru the web, that my urinary sympyoms point to intrstitial cystitis. so, i am dealing with bladder pain, and then the all-over pain, numbness, tingling, muscle wasting, ibs, panic attacks, chills, etc. from the cipro. i need help, but am afraid to go to a doctor again. please e-mail me with some info. God bless.

  5. Jenni Harris says:


    I hope you are doing better I myself have been suffering a great deal of symptoms is there anything that can help recovery? Doctors don’t seem to care much I’m not sure what to do. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  6. Xeleo says:

    what if i have another night terror? i guess i’ll just run to to get quick advice

  7. urchinbear says:

    I took Levaquin 750 mg for 6 days out of the 10 it was prescribed for, and after 3 days felt very arthritic, most notably in my hands. It has been six days since I stopped the last dose. I was unable to grip my laptop to pull it out of its bag, unable to unscrew the lid of my water bottle. Next I was sore all over and couldn’t walk without assistance for a day. The next couple of days I saw some improvement in that I was not in all over pain, but now the pain, burning and popping seems to have settled in my right wrist, knee, and ankle. The left side is affected as well, but not as much. I have read some about the use of chelated Magnesium supplements to address the tendonitis, so I am starting that regimen today. I am taking the first dose of 400 mg tonight. Having read about how the Levaquin does damage at the cellular level, I am hopeful that the Magnesium will help. Supposedly it builds up ATP, which is a cellular/DNA building block (if I’m not mistaken). Wish me luck! I am not about to be laid up indefinitely by this Levaquin problem!!!

  8. Susan Hipp says:

    I have been suffering since 2003. Unknowing what was wrong took it again in 2009. Please let me know what help you. I will be eternally grateful
    Thanks Susan

  9. Nikki M says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. I too cried and clawed my way into the house in front of my children, saying “i love you guys” over and over, saying goodbye. Those memories will be with me for the rest of my life.

    I too am recovering, in fact I am making a fast recovery. I’d love to know more about your treatments, where you speak, and if you don’t mind, please post your story here, too : because as far as i can tell, NOTHING GIVES PEOPLE MORE HOPE THAN KNOWING SOMEONE GOT THROUGH IT. Thank you so much for sharing, I know my viewers would love to read your story too!


    I’m 14 months out from a mere 6-day course of Cipro and I am completely and totally GUTTED. Haven’t walked or worked since this happened to me. Every minute of every day is spent in bed, wishing my heart would just stop beating so I can die and finally be pain-free. WORDS WILL NEVER CONVEY WHAT THIS POISON HAS DONE TO ME AND MY LIFE. I wish brutal deaths for each and every Bayer employee, they all have BLOOD on their hands. I will likely be taking my own life soon, not that this can even be considered a life. I’d love to take those bastards down with me.

  11. biljana says:

    My son who is 24 years now, have been poisoned by Cipro 750 mg x 2 in 21 days. From the first dose, he felt dizziness, palpitations, difficulty breathing, yellow in the skin, etc. Went to ER 5-6 times the doctors did not want to hear that it can come from Cipro. I was afraid for his life and continued to give him Cipro. Now, almost two years after, we brought still will not give up. As long as you have your life you can do anything. He is still conducted mostly in bed with severe side effects. Right now I’m doing research on borax and hydrogen peroxide that can clean out the fluoride contained in the Cipro, which has poisoned him.
    Do not give up. You must try everything. You never know what will work. Do not take any medicine just the Suplement that can hjälpa.Vi live in pain and here we get no help but there are so few natural doctors or no, that I feel I need to find a cure for my son.
    Take care of yourself and be strong. Find and ask for help from all of the family as you can.

  12. christopher says:

    In July of 2004 I was a very healthy, fresh out of college, in my 1st apartment and my 1st real job and I got health insurance. I had one health issue, just one. A swollen prostate. I was put on an antibiotic and lost everything I had and myself.
Here are the events that took place in chronological order.

    Having new insurance I went for a physical and my doctor said my prostate seemed a bit tender and I should see a urologist. I scheduled an appt with a urologist in August of 2004. At that appointment and exam I was told that I may have bacterial prosititis and I would be put on 3 weeks of Cipro, 500mg a day. Trusting a doctor and not questioning an antibiotic I accepted and went to CVS. I filled my prescription and went home.

    After a few days of work and preparing to move into my 1st apartment, I started to experience hip, shoulder and leg pain, also headaches, dizzy spells and major fatigue in all parts of my body. I brushed this off thinking it was my physical activities and continued with my week. Taking cipro 2x a day faithfully. Within a week I was experiencing back pain, fatigue, sore arms, muscles crunching and popping in my back, as well as all my joints starting to snap and pop. I still put no connection that this was my antibiotic… I well on my way into a Cipro Adverse Reaction Toxicity.. but I kept on strong and living my life, unaware. Around my 2 month mark I realized that something was happening and I brought it to the attention of my urologist who told me that Cipro could not be causing such affects and the only damage that might happen is to my Achilles tendon. I was then given a 3rd months prescription and sent on my way with a follow up a month later. A total of 63 days of cipro I was on by the end. WELL into my cipro treatment came my next appt…..

    In September of 2004 I was to have a root canal, this was not affordable at the time so I had a tooth pulled and I was to have an oral implant put in via surgery. The surgery was scheduled and it was a quick 1 hour oral implant procedure. After surgery I was being prescribed medications for the surgery by my periodontist and his nurse. I was told that I would be put on an antibiotic to prevent any infections and 10 days of a prednisone packet to strengthen the implant. At that time, I made it very clear that I was on Cipro 500mg for over a month for a prostate issue. This was marked in RED pen on my file. Right underneath is marked the prescription for Prednisone.

    already well into a Cipro adverse reaction and damage, then topped with Prednisone (major drug interaction)..

    Within 2 days, I suffered an infection in the implant, the periodontist called in a prescription for Penicillin VK, Buspar for teeth grinding, NSAIDs and Vicodin for pain. These medications should never have been mixed with the already potent CIPRO and STEROIDS I was on. 3 weeks later I would call the dentist and inform them that Cipro and Steroids should never have been mixed, nor another antibiotic or nsaid. That their office was in negligence for not investigating interactions before prescribing. Within a week from that call I was called back asking “Are you holding our dental office in blame for your medical issues and damages”… I said “I do not know who to hold blame, you shouldn’t have mixed those medications”… my payment plan was quickly released to a collections lawyer and they never took my calls again.

    Within 2 weeks I was unable to get out of bed, I lost major muscle mass and weight. I went to the ER, I went to doctors, all of this is fully documented from day one in my medical records that I went for HELP, over and over, telling them that I was suffering from a major adverse reaction from the mixture of Cipro and Steroids, and then having put so many other medications into the mix it had finally crashed and destroyed my young body. I was put through every test you can think of. I was also marked as a hypochondriac very quickly as no doctor would believe that an antibiotic could do such things. The damages continued quickly and painfully.. I started to have tearing muscles in my back, burning and tingling nerve sensations in patches on my back, and arms. The snapping and grinding of each joint, in my arms, legs, shoulders and spine were becoming constant and hurtful. Until this day I have not healed, I have ruined muscles, nerve, cartilage, chronic full body and spine pain, unbelievable fatigue. But I live. I will not surrender to it. I live.

    While sitting at my grandparents one day, I felt a rib POP near my sternum. I touched my chest and I felt my rib cage clicking back and forth. I immediately went to the ER and they could not explain how it could have snapped. I went to my hospital and I was questioned about my medications. I told them that Cipro caused cartilage destruction in weight bearing joints and muscles. They said this could not be the cause at all, it had to be something else. I told them I had been swimming the week before and that was about it.. during physical exercise for my sore body. This was written down as the possible cause and my honesty about the cipro ruining my joints and such was brushed off.. This was now the medical reason to have part of my ribs removed in a one hour surgery. There was no swimming accident.

    I started to write to the FDA, To Bayer, To Lawyers, To anyone that might listen, only to be shot down and told that there was no way that anyone would go against a pharmaceutical company and that yes, I was a victim of medical malpractice, and yes my doctors believed me as they knew me before hand, but it was not in the medical journals and that if I had printed the 50 paged warnings of Cipro, rather than relying what the bottle said “do not drink or operate machinery”.

    I have lost everything, my college degree earned teaching job, my healthy body, my home, my partner, the friendships and family that cant help. For 5 years I have emailed, mailed, talked, tried to get help. I have been in touch with 100s of victims, belong to support groups, 100s of other people my age, younger, older, all in the same position as I am.. a very damaged body, a victim, ignored and left to suffer with the consequences.

    I was perfectly healthy and happy before this medication. I had a life in order and I was ready to begin it and within weeks I lost it all. I trustingly took these medications from my doctor with the hope to fix my prostate. Over the past 6 years I have gone into financial disgrace, Ive had to move home with my family and I am in chronic full body pain and damages that no physical therapy and major medical visits are not repairing. I am so afraid of future, if I hurt this much at a young age I cannot imagine the pain as I age.

For my own sake and proof, from day ONE I kept a journal of every test, every pill, every exam I was put through. I also paid to have every medical record, dental record, doctors not, prescription, xrays, you name it… copied. I have a binder that shows a 25 year old healthy person in 2004 and then after that over 500 pages of medical records, exams and physical issues. The proof is as clear as day, in time line order. This has not been good enough for anyone Ive spoken too. Sadly, the other victims, who have just as long as a list as I do, suffer from the same ignorance from the medical and lawyer field.

    What is dis-concerning in the end is that my Primary Care Doctor, My Rheumatologist, My Physical Therapist and many other doctors believe what happened to patients.. but they are not willing to take the stand or point out that these medical adverse reactions are not in their medical journals and that they are ill-informed of these events. Ive been told that the pharmaceutical companies also keep this from their doctors when selling the item. Like many of the victims, our doctors knew us before we took this drug when we were healthy people who happened to end up with a UTI or Prostate Infection that was mass dosed by Cipro or Levaquin.. only to have it ruin us fully.
My medical life is taking over. My body has not healed at all, it has become worse.

    The FDA knows the power of cipro, all the people taking it via Anthrax were damaged so bad it ended with a major law suit. The sister drug Levaquin is in the middle of major law suits due to the same damages… In 2008 the FDA black boxed Cipro due to its physical damages on humans.

    I have no idea what to do with my life. On my right side I am damaged permanently and cannot work or collect disability. On my left side I have 85,000 in student loans that are ruining me financially into bankruptcy (which I cannot file as I have nothing to file for other than my student loans).

    I need help. There has to be a class action law suit for myself and the victims. We all have our medical records, we all have proof, we all have rights. 

Search: Cipro, Steroids, Fibromyalgia, Tendon Rupture, Muscle Wasting, Fluorquinlione support groups and toxicity.. you will see for yourself. As for the power of facebook there are 2 Fluquinilone groups with peoples photos and stories. We need someone with a voice.

    In just a facebook victim group (mind you, not all victims know of this group or have facebook).. there are 764 people.. growing everyday. Thats almost 800 letters sent just from one small support group to FDA and BAYER to no reply or help.

    Christopher King
    Boston Massachusetts

  13. Melinda says:

    To “Bayer Destroys Lives” PLEASE contact me if you read this. If you have just recently taken this drug, your damages CAN be worked with. I went a year into damages before finding a doctor to listen. Alternative help IS THERE!!! Even though my damages were severe, I have found help with some improvements. PLEASE contact me, PLEASE….Melinda

  14. Melinda says:

    I noticed that my email number didn’t print…
    I have taken both Levaquin & Cipro….This has destroyed my life….DESTROYED IT but there is help with alternative medical care. Detox is MOST important as it remains in your body & continues to damage. Getting help in the early stage is successful….Please write….Melinda

  15. jon mulder says:

    read my story at surviving

  16. Felice Tannen says:

    Kristine,Would you please let me know what you did to help you? I am taking tons of vitamins now, eating healthy, but still have all over tendon pain and severe pain in arms- with burning, stinging, numbness. Thanks

  17. Jeanette says:

    I have been fighting this for 3 years. What alternative help is there? I just want my life back. I was given 1000mg daily for 15 days along with a corticosteroid injection

  18. Lynn says:

    wow.. just thought i was reading my own post.. You have experienced EXACTLY to a T what i have gone through which is strange because i have been in touch with MANY who have had similar symptoms but your exact reaction was my life for a long time last year. My daughter was 6 mo old when i took 4 (500 mg/piece) of cipro when all hell broke loose!!> your list was my list.. there were too many adr’s to keep track of and after a while i just stopped counting and waited to die. All of this was at once. I did not get the gradual onset that some get but i woke up one day dumbfounded and stuck in a nightmare wishing i had just passed away in my sleep. I even wrote letters of goodbye to my kids and BEGGED my husband to sleep next to me downstairs in case i passed away in the night. I just want to let you all know that i am 18 months out and i have seen so much improvement in all areas. i still have some adr’s ( weird vibrations, inability to handle stress, breathlessness from time to time and back stiffness and pain_) but compared to where i was i will totally accept where i am now. It has been a long road and i can function and be a mom again to my 2 kids.. 10,000 dollars later… i continue to improve so who knows.. most of my recovery came around 12 months.. now i cycle.. some days i am GREAT.. some days Good.. Some days sore.. but overall i honestly feel very blessed and fortunate everyday.. things are pretty much back to normal besides the ptsd i think i have from my reaction and the few adr’s that i still have.. But my goal was to be able to be a mom again and i can.. Blessings to you all !!. Stay strong..

  19. Karyn says:

    There are thousands of us in the same boat, and next to no recovery information out there. Every time I read a post like Lynn’s, I wish there was detail on what she did to recover, and an email address for questions. We have all seen Nikki’s site. I wish there were a hundred more like that. I feel like I’m a walking time bomb (and gratefull to be walking, as others are not) waiting for a tendon to separate/snap. I worked out every day, and was super fit at 52. I read over and over that the cell DNA is mutated by the drug, so that the new cells forming are also deformend, hence the endless unsolveable tedonitus… I wish there was a site that only contained success stories. I can’t stand for more than three hours, and the back of my legs feel sore and burning. I can’t cross my legs, and there are swolen pockets behind my knees. I’m about to go lightly stretch, but I am off course worried about a tendon popping. Can’t take ibuprofen to reduce swelling (NSAID) since last time I tried that I had a REALLY bad day. Too poor for a deep tissue massage! I’m trying to walk 2 miles a day. I have just started hearing the clicks and pops that everyone else complains about. I really miss my morning coffee!, but I went from one hour of sleep to now getting 6 hours straight by cutting out all sugar and caffeine, so solved the insomnia problem. I went from severe burning while urinating (feels like a UTI, but tests are of course negative) to feeling absolutely normal by cutting out all foods on the list (well published) as “bladder irritating foods” which is an endless list that also includes many healthy foods: tomato products, spicy foods, onion, cranberries, lemon, limes, oranges, coffee, tea, chocolate, carb. bevs., alcohol, sweeteners, processed foods. This is ridiculously difficult. Now for healing…. Since I’ve solved the sleep issue, then my stomach issue (waking up with a sensitive stomach, no urge to eat, burping all day, lost 15 pounds, and had to force my self to eat) by eating tums in the morning and throughout the day, and really simple steamed or raw vegetables and meat w/rice, my remaining priority is my tendons, so will try cheleted magnesium in a not to high dose, though I read this needs to be taken with something else (cheleted calcium?, D3?) so will research today. D is important, and there is a great D site (she’s a nurse) but you need a test to check your D level first/$300-400 mail order test (don’t have the cash/insurance). Would love to here some tendon success stories.

  20. Pam says:

    Karyn – I’m a 56 year old success story and know exactly what you’re going through! While I still have a few issues, I am 80% better than I was 3 months ago. And, like you, I was terrified my symptoms would never resolve. It’s a catch 22: you have to go to the internet for answers (because doctors tend to be clueless or unhelpful), but by doing so, you also have to wade through a sea of grief from fellow victims which fuels your anxiety. In retrospect, I guess I have kept my sanity by doing what you’re doing which has been to continue to do research, talk with others, and do all the little things that seem to help (or that have helped others). And, above all, DON’T LOSE HOPE!

    I hesitate to say what worked for me because we’re all so different and I can’t tell if anything I did actually affected the outcome. I’d like to think so, and above all, it empowered me to keep doing something positive for myself.

    Here are the supplements: Magnesium – Chelated 800 mg / Fish Oil 2,000 mg / CoQ10 400 mg / Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 mg / Milk Thistle 350 mg / D3 4,000 IU / B12 – sublingual 1,000 mg / B1 400 mg / Folate 800 mg / Calcium 1,200 mg / L-Glutamine 4 g / Multi-Vitamin.

    Other treatments: Epsom salt baths and also creating a body scrub of oil and Epsom salt then gently rubbing it into my forearms which I couldn’t extend and were a combo of numb and electric (and still are a bit, but I truly believe it will all resolve with time now that things are changing). I meditated in the bathtub which helped my sanity. I’m fortunate to have insurance which paid for a few acupuncture treatments, which gave some relief starting on the first appointment. I tried ultrasound through my chiropractor, but that made everything act up terribly. After a two months, I could walk without a strange gait or feeling like I was going to fall apart. Once I could walk, I did so every day for 30-60 minutes, thinking that it was good to get the blood circulating.

    What I avoided: exercise at the gym, stretching (my groin muscles felt like they were going to rip), NSAIDS (my liver enzymes were sky high), and alcohol and coffee.

    I hope this post helps. I, too, could have used some success stories when I was in the middle of it all. I’ll go to more websites/blogs and see if I can spread a message of hope to others.

  21. CIPRO poisoned says:

    I am 43 year old male that took CIPRO for possible urethritis and I am experiencing severe bilateral Achilles tendinitis. I had known about possible tendonities and rupture, but I didn’t know it was going to be a cause for a syndrome, rather than a specific side effect. The more I read about what this family of medications have caused, the more I worry I may become incapacited to enjoy physical activities with my children. I am day 4 since the severe pains began, and I am afraid of what I will be experiencing based on what was reported above and in other websites. The success stories are giving me hope, for those who have suffered or are suffering, I don’t know how I can help besides raising my voice and supporting you; you have been poisoned and its not in your head but it is in the CIPRO or Levoquin that you took. Shame on the FDA for continuing to mislead innocent patients by allowing Bayer or other companies to lighten the true life altering side effects of these medications by giving us false “rare” warnings, and providing us telescopic side effects warnings, when in fact these medications appear to cause a syndrome of side effects that last months to years!

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  25. Zurma says:

    I’m a 30 year old mom of three kids, and back in march of 2012 this year I went to the emergency for a UTI and my life has been for ever changed. Like many of you I have been suffering from cipro toxicity, and the symptoms come and go from muscle burning sensation all over my body including my head, to blured vision and extrem anxiety. I also have been looking for help and answers and cures but, there is do much info out there on the web. My contribution is to look up Dr. Jay Cohen from California, who has written about cipro toxicity and know exactly what your talking about. You can consult with him over the phone if you live outside of California. I’m calling Monday morning to talk with this doctor, I know I just found this information today and haven’t spoken to Dr. Cohen yet but, I just wanted to share this information with anyone I can, you see there aren’t any doctors out there that will admit or even know about cipro side effects. So check this doctor out and people please keep posting information so we can help each other out. Thank you I’ll post again if I have more info. By the way other suffers say that magnesium has helped them alot I will also be trying that to. Bye Zurma

  26. Daniel says:

    My name is Daniel and I was prescribed Cipro for a sinus infection. The sinus infection started after having sinus surgery. I was on Cipro for a total of 37 days. I have had multiple tendon ruptures since then. The tendons in my knee ruptured while on Cipro. After my last script I started experiencing double vision, it weakened the tendons in my eyes. Then the tendons in my right arm ruptured, then my left arm, and then the tendons in my back. Due to the lack of support in my back after the tendons rupturing I had to have back surgery. They corrected my vision with prism lenses. I have never had any tendon problems before taking Cipro.

  27. Heather says:

    I have hestitated to write anything post my continuing recovery – which is why you don’t see any updates from anyone! It am going on 4 month and almost recovered.

    DO NOT READ THE HORROR STORIES. I took (2) 500mg of Levaquin for UT infection. Stopped because I got headaches, neck pain which then continued to every symtom listed on the Levaquin reaction site as I am 60. I cried for 2 months straight as this crap gives you temporay brain trauma. I got splitting headaches, cranial pressure, severe neck pain and cracking, eye floaters, every tendon and liament in body was affected. I was terrified. If I drank coffee and had alcohol – had a breakdown of severe proportions. Was taking Vit C for a week post these two pills – friend sent me to the Whitaker Wellness Center in Newport Beach 2nd week – saved my life. They Understand the brain trauma of Levaquin Posioning. Immediately put me on Glutathione IV, Vitamin C IV, Wellness IV and Vit B for 2 weeks straight. My head immediately cleared and crying jags stopped – well if I read this posts I cried though.

    The tendon stuff was not going away the first two months – but did not push or walk much.

    I stopped the everyday IV’s (spent $2,500)after 2 weeks. well worth it. After that I took 3 times a day Ester C 1000 mg, B12, LipoCys (for tendon DNA fixing. I started doing the stationary bike for 40 minutes and light weights – went up and down on tendon pain for one month. Used ace braces etc. I am almost completely healed. Can drink coffee and martinis. YOU WILL BE CURED. This is a self limiting condition. DO NOT BELIEVE THE POSTS. Ever see these guys post after 5 months? It is my 4th month.

    I was afraid to post (am shaking doing it) as thought it would be bad karma – but I remember how helpless and desparate I was and read this crap every day every site!!!! The only one that helped me was the Gluathimine cure story.

    Get yourself to a wellness center to start the process. It is never too late – you will be better in 5 months tops!!

  28. Dennis says:

    Where do I find a Dr. that will acknowledge my Levaquin and cipro injuries and help with treatment.
    During 2007 I was on Levaquin and cipro for about 140 days and have since had severe burning pain in my tendons and muscles and suffer from depression and can’t sleep from the burning pain and depression.

    The depression is so bad at times I can’t get out of bed for day at a time. I just can’t seem to recover from this and there are days I feel like I am loosing my mind.

    I just can’t seem to get back a normal lifestyle even after 5 years. I see people taking this drug for a few days with side affect and I was on it for about 4 months. I went the Dr, that prescribed it and he was in denial a drug he prescribed could be causing my problems and claims I have fibromyalgia. Where do I find a Dr. that will acknowledge my Levaquin and cipro injuries and help with treatment?

    Thank you, Dennis

  29. Anne says:

    I am just stunned by what I have learned about myself by reading this site. I have nearly all the symptoms of toxicity. My life has been a nightmare. When people ask what’s wrong with me I tell them that I have a syndrome called f.u.b.a.r.(f’ed up beyond all reason) When I read which meds had interactions with these meds, I was so freaking angry at the primary doctor I went to for 25 years and the pharmacies that filled my prescriptions. I’m on all the meds that have reactions and no one said anything. It’s my new primary that helped me make the connection. I am going on year 14 of this nightmare. Comprising of buckets full of rx’s, otc’s, suppliments, steroid shots, botox injection , faucet injections, radio frequency procedures (the go in and try to destroy the nerves at the spine) and the horrific pain that happens when things go wrong, physical therapy, occupational therapy, counseling. The pain, my constant companion, despite all my pain management doctors have tried. Dealing with the side effects from all the meds they are giving me to treat all of the suffering. Hours and hours on the phone with the insurance companies. And the expense. So much money. The emotional cost of going to all those doctors, and having your quality of life at the tip of their pens. Looking for diagnosis’s and getting let down, finally getting diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but it caused the doctors to stop looking for other underlying causes. Then there’s what it has done to my family. I’ve been sick nearly all of my 17 yr old’s life. I can all ready see the effect it is going to have on his entire life. Ended outings, vacations, my marriage. Loneliness becoming your best friend. Your too sick to join in, to go along. Feeling guilty when the evening cut short because of you. So you stay home. Your friends gradually disappearing. But of course the same people who leave you don’t want you to die. People are so selfish, afraid of death, and of angering God, that they would rather have you so called “alive” locked up in a mental hospital then allow you to be free of your suffering. People are kinder to their dogs. If I had four legs my suffering would of ended years ago. But in the mean time hopefully we will learn what helps from each other and possible prevent some from going down this road at all.

  30. J. Leroy Hulsey says:

    I have a friend that has all of the symptoms that were reported by Kristen. This was a result of taking Cipro. Is there anything she can do to improve. She is in unbearable pain. Your help will be appreciated.

  31. GiGi Branyon says:

    Please Help I am willing to take any advice.

  32. Leigh says:

    I was floxed by Levaquin early last month. Five 500 mg pills. I was prescribed 10 for a sinus infection, but quit after I fell apart on the fifth day (I’ve noticed that a lot of stories mention a meltdown after five days). I’m 62; had the doctor been paying attention, he would never have given me the drug in the first place. I started out with Achilles tendon pain and stiffness and some pretty bad knee pain– soreness and just aching all the time– but the worst symptom was severe muscle weakness, particularly in my legs. I could walk only at a snail’s pace, and had to physically pull myself up stairs with the handrail, arriving at the top short of breath and ready to collapse. Standing for longer than a few minutes was out of the question. Having to use my upper body to compensate for the weakness in my legs– pulling myself out of chairs, etc.– meant that my shoulder joints got involved and started to hurt too. The doctor said that “maybe” my symptoms could be caused by the Levaquin, gave me a different antibiotic, and prescribed Naproxen (Aleve) for my pain; by then I had already read stories of bad NSAID interactions with quinolones, so I didn’t take it.

    Six weeks later, here’s what is going on: the constant pain in my knees has lessened to occasional twinges. My right Achilles tendon has a lump in it, and both Achilles tendons are stiff and slightly painful when I get out of bed, but no ruptures so far. The muscle weakness has ever so slowly improved, but is still present. My heart rate has sped up and I have palpitations occasionally. The tendons around my elbows, shoulders, and knees are extremely tender to the touch. My general energy level is a little higher, but I’m nowhere near back to normal. My vision, already bad, has blurred some more. But I’m able to sleep without being awakened by my knee pain, and while I’m terrified that new and worse symptoms will emerge, I’m very grateful that it hasn’t been worse so far. I was already taking fish oil 2000 mg, evening primrose oil 1000 mg,calcium + D, and a multivitamin daily. I have added chelated magnesium 500 mg, glutathione 200 mg, and Ester-C 1500 mg. I don’t know which, if any, of these things may be helping me, but I started to see tiny improvements after I added the extra C. I live in an area where alternative medicine is frowned on, so I don’t have things like intravenous treatments available to me. Still, I now have hope that I’ll slowly get better. Nevertheless, my life has changed. I have to weigh ordinary activities and ask “Can I do it?” The answer is usually “Probably not.” I will retire from my job at the end of March; I had contemplated retirement before I was floxed, but now I have to.

    My heart goes out to everyone who has been poisoned by these chemicals, so blithely handed out in the name of drug company profits. In closing, I would like to make a request regarding a type of post I have seen here and on other boards. This is not aimed at any individual, since this type of comment appears under various names and describes different recovery patterns. Please, if you are lucky enough to recover, share your experience and your joy! But do not insult those who are still struggling by adding remarks of the “Don’t believe the horror stories” variety. People don’t post horror stories for the fun of it, or because they’re liars or hypochondriacs– or, as one poster on another board snidely said, because they want to sue the drug companies for big bucks. Quinolones affect people differently; some recover, and some are disabled with enduring symptoms. Everyone who is dealing with the aftereffects of these drugs has enough trouble without having their truth invalidated by thoughtless comments. Thank you.

  33. Jay says:

    I’ve taken 4 500mg pills, last dose was yesterday morning. All day yesterday i was going crazy with anxiety and fatigue and a head ache, didnt sleep good last night either. Woke up with a bad pain in my shoulder/neck. Now the anxiety and pain has gone away but i still have a cloudy head and have sensed a few pops and twitches. i hear the worst part doesnt come until a few weeks later. does any one have any advice on how to stop it before it begins? im a 25 year old husband and father of a 2 year old and my life cant take a break right now. so any vitamin recommendations and success stories will help!

  34. Jay says:

    Sorry 4 pieces 500mg of cirpo for an infection down there.

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  37. janet murray says:

    I am completley destroyed form 3 scripts of levaquin and prednisone. The entire body pain is like a pain you cannot describe. THis attacks the DNA cells and destroys.. My cells are dying and so am I. It has been over 2 years and I have tried everything, am just getting worse..
    I did have CFS mitrochondria disorder for 30 years, had to sleep alot and could not do much but I had NO PAIN. My prior condition set me up to this hit. The mitrochondia is the power cells of the body. IF they are destroyed to a huge extent healing will not occur..
    Many people esp those who were health do recover and it takes time..
    Anne of 14 years, please email me.

  38. Lavina Humphries says:

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  39. Jennifer says:

    Can anyone tell me what has helped them after taking cipro? I took it 2x in 2009 after coming back from Mexico with a stomach infection. everything kept pointing to mexico so over a period of 2 years i got a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I never completely recovered but i did get better than I was in the beginning. I even decided to get pregnant and it was horrible but i got through it not knowing what had happened to me. I went back to mexico this march and guess what? Another infection and another dose of cipro. This is the third in 4 years. this time the neurological stuff is not as bad but the all over pain is tremendous!!!! I am seven weeks out and don”t know what to try. Thanks

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  45. DEAR HEATHER>>>>>I’m Melissa

    I had an allergic reaction and went to Hoag Walk-in Clinic in Costa Mesa, CA (thats NOT who gave me the CIPRO). The Cipro did me in HAVEN’T HEARD of anyone HERE having an ALLERGIC REACTION FIRST THEN UNABLE TO BREATHE MOST OF A WEEK AND LOW BLOOD PRESSURE THEN THE NEXT WEEK WHICH I AM GOING INTO MY THIRD WEEK, NOW ALL OVER PAIN, STABBING PAIN TENDINITIS,STOMACH UPSET OFF AND ON, MUSCLE SPASMS, SKIN BURNING, SHORT UNBEARABLE PAIN ALONG SOME JOINT AREAS,POPPING AND SOME SHORTNESS OF BREATH. This is only within a week or so period after another week went by after my ALLERGIC REACTION FIRST which included severe itching, severe swelling all over, redness and swelling in throat so they had to give me 3 shots including predinisone, as well as benedryl and some kind of acellerant prior to that so my throat didn’t close up. I was taking Cipro with predenisone for a minor sinus infection for almost a week and knew something was wrong since I was very weak and my blood pressure was around 80/44 at the lowest, so I called the DR. at the clinic and stopped taking everything the day before going to the walk-in emergency clinic. I looked up Cipro and realized that my Allergist gave me Cipro after having told her numerous times even that day more than once to double check if it was related to Tequin and she said I’m pretty sure and NO more that once. I kept challenging her and she kept saying no and looking thumbing through my file. She gave me that prescription knowing not to give me anything related to Tequin. I turned red purple and black all over when I took Tequin years ago and after that I was told after the first ER treatment didn’t work not to ever take it again by my Internist or I definitely would not make it. I looked so bad that at the hospital (that I went to first and then reacted again several days later) they asked if the Doctors could look at me since they would never see someone alive with such a bad case and with red purple and black splotches all over them. Now my allergist gives me something I’m deathly allergic to that’s a relative of Tequin for a minor sinus infection….I’m sick and I would think that chelation is the answer right away and vitamins..I’m taking magnesium and the baths as well. HEATHER please help and ANYONE ELSE out there.. I was a ballet dancer for 12 years many of those years on point and I never complained or hurt like this, I hurt badly sitting all day and I can’t stand for long. My closest friend and EXboyfriend bought me dinner two nights ago and its only been a few weeks i’ve been sick and he has been busy and hasn’t been available lately as a friend with no explanation after 6 years off and on and he said I was a smart girl and i’d figure it out. Blindsidded. I cried all night night before last. WOW… crazy. No one understands.All the while I’ve been showing property and working all the time on the computer like normal but in pain and sitting while my clients are standing while showing property. I’m in real estate and trying to survive even though I had to ask several couples to walk up the stairs without me since It hurt to much. I have to nip this in the bud, I’m an only child, divorced after 27 years and my family has passed away, now my best friend is being distant and suddenly has little to say to me.I am my only source of income and support.I have a puppy I love and I love God and I will go to church tomorrow and pray for us all. I know that there are true friends out there. I live in a very transient but beautiful area which used to be annual renters and homeowners and now is short term rentals and some home owners and over the years most people have moved inland to more affordable areas with larger homes to raise families or left to go back to their home state, then my divorce so I relied on my bf and he mostly on me this year and I thought it was my turn. I would Love your comments…I know that God is with us all and WE WILL BE CURED:) God bless all of you….HUGS!! Melissa

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