Trip to Dentist

Because of my floxing I haven’t been to the dentist in a few years. I went to a “mercury free dentist” about 45 minutes away. It was a tough trip. It started to hail as I was going up the mountain in central Pennsylvania. The hail sounded like bullets from a machine gun hitting my window due to my sound sensitivity. I was shaking even more than usual from this. I was sitting in the dentist’s chair and the dentist just talked to me for a while before the general cleaning.  As I squirmed in the chair from the Levaquin poisoning I told him all about the Levaquin toxicity and how the drug companies deny it. I gave him a big folder about this toxicity. He told me I should write a book on this since I was a pharmaceutical sales rep.

The dentist went on to tell me about the mercury cover up in the dentistry field. He told me about the vaccine cover-up with thimerisol ( mercury compound ) in child vaccinations and all the autistic children. He then went on to tell me about the healing power of clay and that I should try it to detox. He told me he wears a clay helmet to help detox toxins from his brain. I thought that was kind of strange but the more he talked about it the more it made sense. He said he also takes glutathione for his body. This dentist was from Europe but went to school at the Univ. of Pittsburgh dental school. He said over in Europe they know much more about the toxic profiles of many substances but here in america it’s all about greed and money. I think he is right on the mark. The good thing about my trip was that he said he would put my Levaquin toxicity in his newsletter to his patients and warn them about the toxicity of Levaquin and Cipro and other quinolones.

Any lengthy travel is hard on my body. I have to constantly move my legs while I’m driving due to the tendon pain. And with any poor weather it is even more hazardous. During the brief hail storm I had visions of getting in an accident.  It wouldn’t have been due to any poor driving skills. It would have been due to the Levaquin poisoining compromising my driving skills yet know one would know that. It would have been yet another silent statistic in the vastly under reported drug side effect world that we live in.

Please educate others on the crippling side effects of Levaquin and other quinolone antibiotics.   


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