Newspaper article on Levaquin toxicity

I had a phone interview with Nancy Edward’s neice who is a journalist here on the east coast. Nancy Edwards is the movie director in Hollywood that took Levaquin and couldn’t walk. She is finishing up the Quinolone documentary called Floxed. Should be released in late December. Her neice was really nice to talk to on the phone. She and Nancy are just as furious as me about what has happened to tens of thousands of us that are now crippled from these antibiotics. I asked her to put my Levaquin Youtube video in the article. It helps when people can see the suffering first hand. If my health ever improves I will be contacting radio stations, newspapers and other media outlets.

I got an email from a lady named Jackie in Florida a while ago. She has been crippled from just a half of one Floxin pill. She has been suffering for many years. She told me she called up a TV station in Florida and they came out and did a story on her in the local news. I think that is great. I applaud her for her efforts. A few days ago I hobbled into my local pharmacy to get my pain medication and the local news station was doing a story on cough cold medications for the upcoming winter season. When I saw this I shuffled out to my car and came back in with a bunch of quinolone literature that I keep in my trunk. Hopefully they will do a story on this toxicity. Glenn Beck was doing a book signing today close to where I live but I was in too much pain from too much walking. Had to prop my legs up and elevate them to minimize the burning.  Glenn Beck would have been a good person to get this toxicity out there since he has a big audience. 

Please educate others on the severe crippling effects of quinolone antibiotics.

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  1. Chad Wick says:

    Hey I met Nancy I am in that movie.I was trying to see if she will have a website or Imdb info or a myspace for this movie

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