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Letter by Dr. Adrian Hohenwarter. Going into a doctor’s office or hospital can be risky business. The use of medications and and procedures is far too liberal and at times without consideration of the foremost rule of medicine: First, do no harm. This is the ”Hippocratic oath” that physicians are supposed to abide by. Hardly any of [...]


I found out the Glutathione I used contained yeast. The fine print on the package label said: Caution  derived from yeast. Since I had or still have candida maybe this is what caused my reaction. I am going to try a different form of glutathione ( yeast free ) in the next week or so. [...]


I really had high hopes for doing nebulized glutathione and achieving some level of improvement. Just like everything else I have tried it was not to be. I inhaled the glutathione and a few minutes later I had breathing problems. It felt like my chest was very heavy and I had some form of constricted breathing. [...]


I am finally starting nebulized glutathione tonight prior to bed. has, as most quinolone victims know, an article on a quinolone victim who could barely stand or walk for 3 years. He also had neurological damage. He started on glutathione and many months later he was about 95 % better and able to return to work. [...]

Recent post I received regarding Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ) Toxicity.

Today, I woke up an received the following message in my inbox: My younger brother has been in jail for three months now as the result of going crazy after four days of taking Levaquin. He is a gentle, sweet, wonderful guy who has never been in any trouble of any kind with the law, [...]

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