When I was a drug rep

I loved my job. Got to drive a company car, buy lunches for doctors offices, give out drug samples and boxes of bagels, brownies and other treats to doctors offices. Got to go to Cancun a few times, the bahamas, Las Vegas and other neat places for training seminars. Even paid some doctors a few thousand dollars to give a short presentation to other doctors on the drug I was selling. Paid doctors to do preceptorships which entitled me to spend a day with the doctor. Basically it was a way to give the doctors some money with the idea of it being an educational tool for me. Yes there was pressure on the job. We had to make our sales quota but I still loved it. Can’t believe my life has been ruined by the own industry that I worked in.

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2 Responses to “When I was a drug rep”

  1. Pete Mattli says:

    Have never seen the Levaquin story presented so completely. Just terribly sorry Levaquin had to ruin your life
    for the story behind the story to come out. So I won’t forget it, here’s my eml address: .
    I am Pete Mattli and I live in Central Florida. I correspond with a friend in NH who has had body pains everywhere since
    he was a young kid. Never knew, and doctors never knew, where these pains came from. But because of the pattern presented in “THE FLOX REPORT” and others he is having
    suspicions. [Small point: His pains have to come from somewhere, but I really doubt they can ever be tied to FLOX. Too much time between cause and effect. In my case,
    pains started w/in three days and were mostly in tendons of
    right foot, but in time (several years now) have spread all over and now I'm permanently on a walker 24/7. How's that for a scuba-diving, tennis playing, golfer, eh?]
    So much to share and so little space here, do eml me for starters, and we can take it from there.
    Believe me, you have opened the book on this problem like no one else. You have inside access to the background on how Levaquin gets to destroy lives seemingly without opposition. It even uses MDs and pharmaceutical reps, both known to be high intellect types, to wreak its havoc. And totally without their knowledge.
    If you are interested I’ll exchange reports with you. Mine is only a few pages long. I sent mine to Boomer year before last best I can remember; 2006 I think.
    >Pete Mattli
    >3805 Scarborough Court
    >Clermont, FL 34711
    >352-536-9586 (home)
    >352-243-4090 (fax)
    >PS: My sweet wife shows me no pity. In fact she makes fun of me. She says “As long as you are looking down at the grass instead of up at it, you are one of the lucky ones.”
    And you know, she’s right.

    If we can get a couple more Big Pharma reps to open up, it may well be the end of the road for Levaquin and the other
    “floxies.” The story needs to be told, and then corroborated.

    Many thanks for your post. [Pete]

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